Chapter 1

Heat rolled off his arms and into the air, a bead of sweat clung to his brow the slowly rolled down. He smirked he promised himself he wouldn't go easy on her but for some reason he felt that he needed to. She shot a smirk back at him and stalked slowly toward him, the only thought the registered through his brain was This is gonna be fun. He suddenly charged her and everything went black after that, Later on all he could think was mine, mine. Only thinking the most primitive of thingstechnically he was dead to the world. Blank, just a body moving through space and time without a mind.

His breath got ragged and he felt another bone pop back into place, he slid onto the ground wondering, did I hurt her any? Despite what everyone believed he would do, everyone hated him. Well except for her and that other girl, he mentally shrugged and took a deep sighed and laughed. He looked towards her and shot her a friendly glance, she was next to a tree talking with the other girl and also breathing deeply.

His mind wandered to other thoughts, ones that involved him being on top of her and thrusting into that small but sporty body of hers. Making her cry out his name or in just plain ecstasy and to see her face contort with pleasure. Outside of the dirty day-dream he smirked and it seemed she caught a glimpse of it and gave a curt laugh and turned back towards the other girl.

She smiled at her, oh how he just wished she would give him and actual smile; not a smirk that could mean so many things to him. Maybe that's what she wanted, to confuse him to keep him guess, or maybe to drive him away. Either way he wasn't going to quit, not in this lifetime. He stood up dusting off the shorts that seemed incredibly short for a male. He stretched and gave her a look to keep on fighting; he thought maybe he should stop before it got too serious, Nah, it'll be fine. She nodded and stepped away from the tree and the other girl, and he laughed in anticipation; maybe he thought just maybe she'll be impressed.

The fight ended with him giving up, "It's my old age." She shook her head and laughed. Desire flared in his stomach and he played it off by giving her a quick smile and walked away. That day only made it harder to be around her, every thought rated R. "Oh" He shook his head, he could think this right now, he sat in front of computer listening to the incessant clicking of keyboards.

"Oh... please." He sighed and staggered out of his seat, he couldn't take it; he needed to be near her. He now sat in her car laughing as they joked around, his mind wandered again to him sliding his hands over every inch of her body. His face nuzzled against her neck as he thrusted mindlessly into her, her nails raking down his back, her legs wrapping around him pushing him impossibly closer.

She smiled, causing every thought in his head to disappear, drugged is only one way to describe the feeling. He chuckled and felt the happiness spread through him like rushing water. He hugged her and sighed, finally. Mine.

He now sat with her in the darkness of her room, he sighed. Her head was against his chest and her arms wrapped around him. He silently smiled to himself, sure they were messing around before but this, this was different. It was something he needed; sure he wanted sex and yes sometimes needed it; but for some reason in the back of his mind he needed the soft hugs that she gave him. Or when she looked up at him with those beautiful young eyes sometimes hiding her maturity and experience, sometimes made him feel as old as he was. Other times she made him feel like he was back in those awkward teen years, her hand moved.

He looked down at her and grinned; he twisted out from under her and pushed her down. He now hovered over her. His arms muscles tensed and she slid her hands over them, he shivered. He loved how soft her hands were, always made him think the dirtiest of thoughts. His eyes darkened and got that glazed over look, she grinned too. He lowered his hips towards hers; she made a small gasp and pushed her hips closer. His smirk grew and his eyes closed, Sweet Jesus.

The room was hot, and felt as humid as the summer air; He now lay on her bed, sheets covering his stomach and lower. He looked to his left and smiled at the sight before him. Her soft face in the most angelic way possible; her mouth slightly agape and her hair askew on her pillow. She lightly clung to his arm, and he smiled. A yawn escaped him, and he pulled the covers more over his naked body. He did the same to her since her bare chest was all out in the open, not that anyone else would see.