War Spoils

I am now war spoils
I've lost my limbs and sight
I have no voice to speak with
I lost my will to fight

I was struck by a mortar
It's taken everything away
It put me in this bed
I'm stuck here until I die some day

I can't even hear myself
I can only move my neck and think
I think about the miserable person I've become
I stuck here until I die someday

If I could speak I would talk
I would probably call for help or scream
If I could feel I would cry
If I can see I could see the images in my dreams

I can't hear the ones around
I think of my family and call for help
They can't hear me
Mom, I'm stuck in this nightmare and I just can't wake up

If I had arms I could choke myself
If I had legs I could run away
If I could talk I could call for some help
But nobody would help me anyway

I'm trapped in this room
I lay in my bed
I speak with Morse Code,
Just by banging my head

I'd tell them to kill me
I have nothing to gain
I wish they could hear me
I wish they would end this pain

Can somebody please help me?
Days later I feel hands press against my chest
Somebody heard my cries for help
Somebody will finally lay me to rest