Authoress' Note: I'm a ninja. Isamu is cool. (shifty eyes) I want his body. XDD

Warning: Shounen-ai, violence, language.

It was raining, and the cut on his arms bled uncontrollably. Tears streaked down his face. A sword was held to his neck, not yet touching it.

"It'd be such a waste to kill a pretty little girl like you," The man whispered, voice deep and raspy.

He glared up at the man, "Shut up."

"What was that, girl?" The man asked. The boy could feel the cold metal of the sword pressed to his neck.

"Shut up!" The boy screamed, jumping up. He took a step back, foot landing on something hard. His sword! He swiftly picked it up, swinging it aimlessly into the heavy rain.

He couldn't see a thing, but he did hear the clashing swords. He was fighting the man with all that was left in him…Which wasn't much.

"Is that all you've got?" The man asked, grinning.

"Get your hands off of him!" The boy heard a voice ring through the area.

"Y-Yuji!" The boy whispered, feeling the hands on his aching shoulders.

"Don't worry, Seiichi. I'm here,"

Seiichi swung his sword out again, sensing the man charging at him. Yuji pulled out his own sword.

"Two against one," Yuji said, circling the man, pointing his sword at the back of his neck.

Seiichi then heard a gun shot ring out.

"I-Isamu?" Seiichi asked.

"Is he dead?" Yuji wondered aloud.

Seiichi reached out for the man, to see if he was still there or if Isamu had killed him. Instead, he found Yuji's chest.

"Yuji," He whispered, as he was pulled into the soft embrace of the older boy.

"I'm sorry I didn't come with you in the first place, Seiichi," Yuji mumbled, "Are you hurt?"

"Not too bad," Seiichi lied. He was aching everywhere and bleeding all over the place.

Isamu walked up, hand on his hip, "So is he dead?"

"I think so," Seiichi replied, trembling.

Isamu bent down, feeling for a pulse, "He's gone. Rest in peace."

Seiichi curled up his first, "I hope he rots in Hell. He killed her,"

"Her…? Who was killed, Seiichi?" Yuji asked.

"Mayuna," Seiichi sobbed, no burying his head into Yuji's chest.

Isamu looked up at him, "H-he…what?"

"He killed Mayuna," Seiichi repeat.

Isamu curse heavily, "She was needed."

"She was needed!?" Seiichi tore away from Yuji, "Needed!? She was my sister! She was murdered and all your care about is that stupid ritual!?"

"Calm down Seiichi…" Yuji attempted, putting a hand on the boy's shoulder.

"Don't touch me!" Seiichi cried, "…Just…..take me home, Y-Yu-chan…"

Yu-chan? Seiichi hadn't called him that for years. Isamu sighed, knowing that Yuji would take Seiichi home, and he'd be left. He might as well start out for home as well. He got up and began to walk away. The rain was beginning to stop. Yuji now saw the bloodied up version of his lover. He held back tears…He hadn't been able to get there in time. He scooped Seiichi up in his arms, and carried him home.

"When we get back, we'll bandage you up," Yuji told him, "Then, in a few days, after you feel better….We can make love until you can't take any more."

"S-shut up, you idiot…" Seiichi replied.

Yuji grinned. The same old Seiichi, no matter how hurt he was.

Isamu however, wasn't himself. They'd killed Mayuna. She had been needed for the ritual. Seiichi cared about the ritual also, no matter how much he denied it. It could save everyone…Now they were doomed.

"Damn it!" Isamu shouted into the air, "Damn it all!"

He pounded his fist into a nearby tree, resting his head against it.

"Isamu-sama…" A gentle voice was heard, "Isamu-sama, what are you doing out here?"

"Go away, Kaori-kun," Isamu mumbled, "You don't have to be everywhere I go."

"But you're right outside the house, Isamu-sama," Kaori began, "And you look terrible. You really should have those cuts cleaned…"

"Just go away," Isamu said evenly, "I can do it myself."

Kaori slumped his shoulders, "Yes, sir…"

Isamu slid the door open, walking into the house. He headed for the bathroom and turned the faucet. The water ran into the sink and his put his hand under it. He began scrubbing it with soap until it stung so much he couldn't take it…This was how Kaori always cleaned his cuts. A knock was heard.

"… Yes?"

"A-ah, sir… I know you told me to go away…but…I brought bandages," Kaori mumbled.

"Come in. The door in unlocked," Isamu sighed.

Kaori slid in, "Would you like me to apply the bandages?"

Isamu smiled, "Okay. Go ahead."

Kaori took a towel and dried the cuts before skillfully wrapping the bandages around Isamu's arm.

"You're so reckless, Isamu-sama…" Kaori smiled, and shook his head.

"Yuji, let me get up!" Seiichi exclaimed, attempting to push himself up.

He was finding it rather hard with Yuji holding him down.

"I can't," Yuji replied, "You're injured too badly. I can get you anything you need…so… just calm down."

Seiichi sighed. He hated sitting still. Waiting while Yuji bandaged him up was enough, but having to stay in bed… It was torture. Everything that had just happened was going through his head, and what he needed was a nice long walk to sort it out. He just wanted to cry, actually… But he couldn't do that in front of Yuji. Not ever. Even if he trusted the man with his life, he could never show him that side.

"You're always so strong, Seiichi," Yuji mumbled, "I wish I could be like that."

"No, I'm not," Seiichi whispered, "Yuji, do you know how badly I want to cry right now?"

Yuji gave him a concerned look, "Then cry. Cry as much as you need to. I won't stop being proud of you…Even the strong cry sometimes, you know."

Seiichi sat up, and fell into Yuji's arms, "No they don't. I can't cry."

Yuji gently wrapped his arms around the younger boy with a sigh. Seiichi was just too stubborn…or so he though. He heard quiet sniffles coming from the boy.

"I'm not crying, just so you know," Seiichi mumbled.

The corners of Yuji's mouth twitched upwards. He was stubborn.