I'll be fine.

Famous last words. I found my bottle of rum on the kitchen table and noticed that half of it was gone; someone else must have been drinking it. I poured some more into my glass and swirled it around with the ice and soda. Spotting one of the guys from the card game, I wandered over to the couch and sat down next to him.

"Your friends left already?" He asked, putting his beer bottle down on the coffee table.

I smiled. "Yeah, they had some sorority stuff to go to."

"That's lame. Nick's party is so much better than sorority crap." He turned his head to look at me. "So how do you know Nick?"

"We work together." I took a sip of my drink and shuddered. Did I forget to put Coke in it?

The guy (too bad I couldn't remember his name) smirked. "Oh, you work together?"

I knew what he was insinuating, but for some reason, I couldn't think of a good way to respond. "Yes, we work together. In the summer. Excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom." I stood up from the couch and escaped teasing as I made my way once more to the bathroom. Catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I noticed how flushed my face was, so I patted my face with a wet tissue in hopes of cooling my face down. All of a sudden there was a knock on the door. "I'm almost done!" I yelled. I quickly straightened my shirt, threw open the door, and ran into Nick.

"Hey, are you okay?" He looked down at me and hooked his finger on the bottom of my shirt.

I smiled. "Of course I'm okay. You don't have to check up on me." Just then the strap on my tank top slid off my shoulder. So much for adjusting it.

"I just want to make sure you're okay."

"I'm fine. Trust me." I put my hand on the back of his head and pulled him into a kiss. Apparently I was drunker than I thought; I would never do this sober. Yet I didn't stop. Nick put his hand on my waist, but after a minute I pulled away because I heard someone's voice come closer to the bathroom. I looked up at Nick, blushing slightly. "Will you be able to bring me home in a little while?"

He stepped backwards a little. "I don't think I can drive tonight."

"But Nick, I asked you before and you said…"

"No Anna, I didn't say I could bring you home tonight. I'll drive you home in the morning."

"Are you kidding me? I can't…I have to get back tonight! What am I supposed to do?"

Nick shook his head. "Anna, I'm not driving you back tonight. Get a friend to pick you up."

My mouth dropped and I turned on my heel and stalked into the kitchen. I found my purse and stumbled down the front steps of Nick's house. Opening my purse, I found my phone and managed to find Cate's number. Of course, seeing how my night was going, she didn't answer. Nick hadn't come after me yet, so I really had no choice but to start walking. Ouch. Walking drunk in high heels was not a good idea. I crossed my arms and walked a little faster, hoping that would get me to Cate's dorm sooner. I could not believe Nick did that to me. Damnit! I really liked him too. I wanted to cry, but for some reason, the tears wouldn't come. Maybe because I had brought this upon myself. I ignored the signs and my friends' warnings. I so desperately wanted the good side of him to win. And look where that got me; walking down a main road at 2 in the morning, drunk nonetheless.

I felt my purse vibrate and prayed it was Cate. "Hi Cate. Were you sleeping?"

"No, Amanda and I just got back to the dorm. What's up? Is everything okay?"

"I feel really stupid and I am so sorry, but could you come pick me up?"

"Of course. You're at Nick's, right?"

"Um, no. This is such a disaster. I'm actually walking back to campus." Cate yelled into the phone in disbelief and I proceeded to tell her what happened. She had some choice words for him as I continued to walk, trying to stay warm. Soon enough, I saw the glow of headlights and Cate's car pulled up alongside of me. I climbed in, to the relief of my feet, but tried avoiding looking at Cate.

"You're going to laugh about this some day," she said, trying to make me feel better.

I forced a pathetic smile and looked out the window. I was embarrassed, angry, and upset. This was not the ending I wanted with Nick. I refused to believe this was how things were going to turn out.