Oh, The Stories You Told

by K's Moonshadow


You always told such good stories.

If I close my eyes now,

I remember the excitement,

The movie playing out in my mind.

I can still feel the warmth of your words,

I can still breathe them in deep.


You told stories of time,

Full of wonder and beauty.

Lovely fulfilling stories

Of Compassion and Forgiveness,

Friendship and Romance,

Growth and Acceptance,

Stories of love.

You controlled it all in your hands,

Painting a world beneath your fingertips:

A world of peace and happiness

Where all girls were Princesses

And all boys were Princes.

Everyone was loved and respected

And all obstacles were overcome.

Not always with ease as if they were mere trifles,

But by the goodness of the human spirit.

The rules were few and uncomplicated.
In the end, the good guy always won

And the bad guy became good.


I listened to you as

Your words danced across my skin

And I gave into your voice,

Feeling the words settle deep in my heart.

You made me believe

In the world you created,

Laying it down before my eyes

For me to fill myself up with.

But instead of making me full,

They have choked me and left me



You didn't tell me the true stories.

The stories of shattered lives:

Of Fear and Pain,

Heartache and Loss,

Anger and Revenge,

Confinement and Denial,

Stories of hate.

A world of war and sadness:

Where all girls are used,

And all boys are toys.

Everyone is seen as enemies and destroyed.

All obstacles never budge

And are not overcome by the pure of heart,

But by those with the power

To trample and control the weak.

The rules are numerous and undefined.

And in the end,

Nobody wins.
We all just die alone.


I look around me now

At the disaster your storm has left behind.

You have made me broken and alone.

Your words do not sustain me anymore

And I realize now they never did.

Neither do I still put any faith in them.

But oh, the stories you told…