By: StarSplit144


Imagine a world where your every thought, your every idea is known. Imagine living in that world. My name is Farell. Kaiser suggested that I keep a record of what has happened in my life, a journal more like. He thinks it will help. I don't see how remembering what I've been trying to forget could help, but I suppose there's nothing for it but to try. There is not much else in my life. I have Daye, and I have my memories.

Like I said, my name is Farell. I was fifteen years old when this all started. My brother Ryann was twelve.

Kaiser recruited me. I tended to think a lot back then, unaware of how much of my mind the government could monitor. He approached me in disguise. I saw a man of average height in his late twenties with black hair, blue eyes almost the same shade as my own, and a moustache. He wore non-descript clothing, the kind most adults wore now. In other words he was invisible; just your typical man walking around on this own business. He took out a blocker which at that point looked like some kind of scanner to me. As soon as he had flipped the switch he started talking. He said that they had been watching me for a while; they thought I should join their rebellion. I didn't see what they were rebelling against. It was then that I first found out the extent of the brain chips.

I suppose that subconsciously I had known how advanced the computer chips where. When I was thirteen, I was walking home from school and there was a man walking along the sidewalk across the street. Suddenly, a bunch of police showed up and put him under arrest. I didn't hear much but, now that I think about I remember one part of their conversation. The man was saying that he hadn't done anything; he was innocent. The police officer answered; "You were going to." After that, the man, the criminal, gave up. I didn't think much of it at the time but somehow, I knew it was important and kept it stored in the back of my mind.

Kaiser told me many things in that first meeting. I don't remember most of what was said, but I remember that I felt totally confused. This complete stranger had just turned my life upside down. The weird thing was I found myself trusting him. Though what he said turned my entire upbringing on its head, it made sense in some weird way. That was when he really broke the ice. He said that if I was going to join this rebellion, I had to do it now, or else, they would pick it up from my chip. Any intentions, however small, would mark me as a traitor.


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