I wrote this for an election pramotion thingy a year ago. It is a little dumb, but you might enjoy it if you don't like the goverment or love being called a mindless sheep laughs. Remember! This is not my oppinion, just a poem. Read at your own risk! More laughs Oh well, read on my friends!

Election Day

Election day is coming near

Justice: Greed may interfere.

All we are is mindless sheep

And in the lies are buried deep

Who will we choose to lead us now?

Insure us safety? Wipe our brow?

We sheep are standing in a line

On which our leader 'cides to dine

Life or death is in their hands

We've chosen who will lead our lands!

Don't simply stand and wait about

Sniff you those lies; use your snout!

Who will your choice affect you say?

A problem for another day?

But no! Our children's future rides

On those who see past the prize

So stop those liars, find the truth

You average Joe and Jane and Ruth

And if none of them appeal yet

Don't wait and get yourself in debt

You, my sheep! Here's what to do—

Get out there and elect YOU

Your ideas count, that's what I say

Don't wait for some future day

I wish to you the best of luck

My average sheep of Sue and Chuck

So check that box! Submit your vote!

Go for that politician's throat!

On these words I leave you now

Time has passed—oh gee! Oh wow!

Take charge and go on your way

Remember my words come election day!