A Poem for Cancer Patients and Survivors

By Amy AKA Lacrea Moonlight

I have an enemy

Deep within

It's close to my heart

But I don't love it

It hurts me so

But I feel no pain

My heart breaks

As it continues to gain

I stare at the sky

And scream "Why me?"

And though I get no answer

The truth is clear to see

"A test of will,"

My heart whispers to me

What if I fail?

"You won't; that wasn't meant to be."

So these words I impart to you

A vow I will not revoke

Let these words sing to you

Even when your heart has broke

"I will not go silently into the night,

Breath will not leave me without a fight,

Though labored as my body may be,

My heart is the sky where my soul flies free,

My mind is the clouds so white and pure,

Above this evil I will endure,

For the friends I have and the family I love,

I know I'm not ready to be so far above."