One year later…

"I think I still have pieces of food stuck in my hair you know" Sarah commented as we looked through her wedding photos. I'm as surprised as you that I wasn't killed on the spot for causing such a scene but like Brandon had said it was a wedding to remember which might have saved me. People still talk about it now.

"You should have taken cover like I did" I said gleefully "instead of going being in the thick of it just because some threw the profiteroles that you had been dying to eat ever since you start your diet to get into that wedding dress."

"You would have done the same thing" she shot back.

"I don't get emotional over deserts"

"No you hide under tables with Brandon doing god knows what."

"We only ever did it twice" I reply only realising how bad that sounded afterwards.

"Uh hu and the rest." She grinned.

"I will not discuss such things in front of children" I said motioning to the six month old Jay who was currently blowing bubbles in his car seat.

"Jay can't talk. Who is he going to tell?" she asked.

"Yes well there isn't just Jay is there" and as if on cue Lottie came thundering through the hall way into the kitchen startling poor Jay.

"Laura! Have you seen my special hair clips" she asks.

"Last time I saw them they were in the bathroom" she nods her head in thanks and goes off to find them.

"How is it going with Lottie" Sarah asks picking up the now crying Jay.

"We're doing okay we have are good days and bad" I reply its actually more bad days than anything but I am not about to admit a child has the upper hand over me.

"Lottie watch where you're going" we hear a shout out in the hallway.

"Have you decided on a date yet" Sarah asks.

"No not yet but we've got all the time in the world. Haven't we?" I reply turning my attention to the kitchen door to see Brandon.

"Of course all that matters is that we're together forever and love each other." He grins coming over to hug me dropping a kiss onto my head.

"I think I might hurray Lottie along" Sarah grins taking Jay along with her.

"Promise" I ask him as soon as we were alone.

"Promise" he replied sealing are promise with a kiss.

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