1Those Eerie Eyes

I see you look at me with your eyes

I look at you, you look back , I swear its no surprise

I know you don't believe me but believe me

You might think what I'm going to say is false

Heck, it might even manage to stop your pulse

But whatever I say is true... I love you

You blow me kisses from the tops of your lips

You let me hug you, you let me hold your hips

So we dance, sway to the music and hope to heaven this moment never


I can say this, I can say twice. I can say this a trillion times but I know

it wont suffice

I love you.

Please ignore their shallow eyes

Don't let them terrorize

Why are they our harpies

Why do they break my heart, please... please listen

You know sometimes I ask if your gonna go away

But deep down inside I really want you to stay

You know how I say you have eerie eyes

But I hope you know those are really lies

You're the only when whom I let my true feelings show

I pray to the Lord that you'll never let me go...