Born of a Angel's nightmare
and a demon's dream
Nothing can be
what it must seem
Gentle heart
yet fearsome guise
Walking alone
is no surprise

Born in the city
yet born in hell
Violence and death
he knows to well
Wrathfilled heart
turns from his kind
distrust and fear
all he can find

Haunting city
violent home
A single female
there to roam
Haunting city
violent place
a wrathful boy
must earn his place

Crossing paths
Crossing fate
A single scream
nearly came to late
Violent gangs
are shocked to see
a fearful form
from which they flee

A beaten lad
looks up to see
a creature from
wings spred wide
fangs shining white
Razor hooves
send foes to flight

A lonely child
of Ancient Breed
doesn't know
she plants the seed
Reaching out
with her clawed hand
to help the boy
escape this land

Seeming monster
yet angel's soul
tries to help
this boy become whole
Yet he isn't sure
if he can trust
So many promises
in the dust

Two eyes meet
to souls stare
as she offers a way
out of there
he needs only
trust this beast
that she not betray
nor on him feast

Myth gave flesh
hold the way out
but can he trust
he has his doubt
Yet she seems
so kind and caring
he takes the chance
with all his daring

Born of an Angel's nightmare
and a Demon's dream
She is all that
she would seem
Gentle heart
fearsome guise
it is her companion
that is the surprise

Born in the city
yet born in hell
Love and kindness
he is learning well
Though he still
turns from his kind
love and laughter
he now can find

Two strangers
reaching out
have overcome
fear, shame and doubt
hand in hand
soul to soul
each one makes
the other whole.