Welcome to the guide that can tell you how to do just about ANYTHING in 21 steps! There will be 21 things on which you can learn how to do. Just to make sure this is the right thing for you...

If you answer 'YES' to three or more of these questions, this COULD be just the thing for you!

-Have you ever wanted to take over the world?
-Do you have a short attention span?
-Do you not obey all laws of reality?
-Have you ever wanted to know how to do things that no one could ever teach you before?
-Are you immaginative?
-Are you, or have you ever been inclined to do anything evil?
-Do you need five minutes of entertainment?
-Are your cooking skills bad?
-Does face paint attract your attention?
-Is there that certain teacher that you hate?
-Will you not take this seriously and not try these steps out which could possibly kill you if preformed?

Now you are ready to continue (unless you answered no to eight questions). Just progress to the next chapters. Each chapter title tells you what it tells you...

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