"Forgive me Father for I have sinned..."

I grew up going to church. Every Sunday, I would go and confess my sins for the week. Sometimes I couldn't think of anything, so my Aunt Sully would tell me to just make it up. We go just to go, but we're really not that religious. I never really believed in all that Heaven/Hell, God/Devil thing. That was until I met him...yeah, you're gonna have to read the story to figure that out!

I consider myself a regular girl. I'm pretty good, I don't get too wild...well, not as wild as I was when I was young, but you know, I'm a good girl now.

I've live with Aunt Sully and Uncle Frank since I was three years old. My parents died in a car crash while on vacation. Aunt Sully and Uncle Frank didn't mind raising me since they couldn't have children themselves. They've been my parents for the last 18 years. I have to admit, they pretty much spoiled me all my life.

My name is Lucinda (Lucy) Camille Brock. Don't call me Lucinda. If you see me, you know that my parents must have been high when they named me Lucinda (just kidding). It's an old family name, and since I'm the last in my mom's side of the family, hopefully the name will die out with me in my family.

You're probably wondering about me right? My physical appearance, what I like, etc...well, I'll let you figure most of that out yourself, but I'm pretty average, average height (5'4"), average weight, long shiny black hair, dark brown eyes. I'm a health nut with an extreme sweet tooth. I'm a 21 year old college senior who is a closet Britney Spears fan. Actually, I love most music. Nothing too hardcore or anything though. I live at school, in a apartment with three other roommates. They're wonderful, but I'll get to them later.

Hmm...there's lots to say about me, but I'll end this very long paragraph with my philosophy, and that is: A girl can never have too many shoes, jeans, or underwear.

So even though this may seem a little religious, it's not. It's pretty secular.

It's also all written in one point of view -- Lucy's.

I originally wrote this for another site so don't accuse me of stealing if you read off of the other place! It's all mtngrl85's (that's me!) Original work! The only real change is that I combined a bunch of chapters that kind of went together so that I'll have longer but less chapters.

Happy Reading!