Black seeds

Growth 00

God and the Devil

Shared a garden

The garden, the world

God planted the seeds of human life

The Devil weeded the garden

And took away dead plants

But the Devil wanted to plant his own Seeds

Just for 'the kick of it'

And did so

Implanting each Seed into the existing plants

All of the plants humans held a single Seed

And in 6 of them

Hid the most prominent Seeds

Which had more power than the entire Seeds put together

Pride. Lust. Envy. Greed. Gluttony. Sloth.

But God conquered Hell. The Devil was defeated and Light had overtaken Darkness. In doing so, Hell was destroyed with flames from Heaven- only the garden was spared, for God could not bear to destroy the world he loved, even if the Seeds of the Devil existed in it.

And so, the Devil was ordered to find the very Seeds that he scattered, and retrieve them. Normal Seeds did not have to be returned, for they could be controlled with human will. But the prominent seeds said otherwise, and had to be returned at all costs. To everyone's surprise, the Devil agreed to do so willingly and thus descended to the garden the world.

6 humans in this world we live in… have a Black Seed

Do you… have one?


A/n- Blacks Seeds will be a short story that I'll be working on before going back to LSLPF, HERO and Yashi Sensei!. Inspired by the badass movie, Se7en--- I decided to write a story based on human error. It may not be the most original plot… but I hope you give it a read.