Don't you just hate

When you're staring at him

For what seems like forever

You're working so hard

To have him

And then he just decides

That blonde haired chick

Over there

Is so much more cute

Than you

Because she's pretty

And beautiful

And perfect

She doesn't have glasses

And she doesn't have zits

She perfect size and thin

And she's popular

Not like you

You're short

And squat

And you nose

Is too big for your face

Your big are huge

And you're covered in pimples

Your glasses keep

Slipping down your face

Every time you try to forget

That they're there

And then you'll waste

Your days away

Dreaming and wishing

You were like her

So that that boy

You've been thinking about

Would choose you

Instead of her

Don't you just hate

When that happens

And you're just so sad

And just so angry

That you don't realize

That the nice sort of cute guy

Sitting quietly in the corner

Who's the perfect guy for you

Is waiting for you

Waiting and dreaming

To see if you notice