Smiling, you kissed my cheek before I left on the train.

I don't return it because I already told you

coworkers don't get my ass.

I'm saving it for people who don't know my

deepest darkest words, who don't know the world

I step into when I get off the train and enter the

city, who think I've still got fear left somewhere in my bones.


The cities a reality I belong to and maybe I look like

the streets, but that's what makes you want me.

I like the way the boys stare

and how no one cares that the smoke comes out of

my lips as easily as air. Some call me weak,

but when I'm here I'm stronger than the bridges,

stronger than you'll ever be, even holding me back.


I've got a world away from them, and I'll

never kiss in it,

because then it might disappear.

I'm a disappointment,

oh, but that's what happens when the girl

you fall in love with is just like the streets.