This is a sample of automatic writing that I did today. I know that it is difficult to understand, but this is what I wrote, word for word, grammar errors and all. (My subconscious obviously cannot spell.)

We have nothing to lose, will you be prepared to fight where all others have failed and fallen? What purpose is served by this, this will to go on, this natural human instinct which forces us to hate our conditions and love life why can we not be rational without being crazy out out of this world and then another and then someone else's? Why do we hate? I hate, I do, I think venom and have it ladeled infinitely on my tongue, no words are spoken beyond my lips without consent and therefore hardly any of this poison escapes. Lie after lie I wish to degrade, walls constructed ornately around me, glass prisims gleaming gold and silver, pink, green, orange, red even, none of them truly blue, maybe a dark violet, but none blue and none my color. I am black and black is not a color, black eats other colors, exploded stars; I yearn to spew venom and acid, melting the walls away— better yet, tear them down with aching claws and all my humanity gone all the protection of them lost in a realization of a fake sense of security. Yearning to do this, desire, held back a beaten beast to be locked up for most of all eternity and these walls bear down on me brightly, what blacks holes lie within glitches of the system, slowly sucking the mind dry of all happiness?