I'd like to tell a story of a place not far from here
The only things you feel are hate, greed, anxiousness and fear
The sun it never shines at all, the darkness rules the day
You're trapped in neverending bad, you'll never get away

The town I have in mind is this: it dwells just to the east
Though facing rising sun at dawn, all hopes are at their least
Past noon the sun sinks past their view and dusk returns to reign
They're fighting deep inside themselves, they'll never shed the pain

Yet citizens are living there, all weary, grey and old
With hopes and dreams all turned to ash and hearts gone stone and cold
The people sad and people bad, who mourn and weep and wail
With bloodshot eyes and thinset mouths, and faces deathly pale

They walk the dreary high street road with raincoats turned up high
They're busy walking, screaming, stealing, none can figure why
How soon will end their pain and lies? Horizons know no end
They fight alone, their hearts so ache, how long must they pretend?

My story starts a day such as this rainy grey old morn
A baby boy with bright blues eyes, proud parents' son is born
He blinks and stands to gasps about, his voice begins to coo
Fainting nurses, startled kin, then hear the words "I love you"

The darkest town was changed that day, a ray of light burst through
None had ever thought those words, or known what love could do
The feelings turned to warmth and joy, the birds began to sing
The darkest town had been revived by such a simple thing

When in the deepest darkest room, a candle you do place
The shadows flee from wall to wall and daren't show their face
So go, my gentle listeners, go! And show the world some love
For when you do the sun will shine and warm us from above