The War of Life and the Guardian

The Plan and infiltration

The sun had gone past the midday mark before everyone had dealt with the massacre and sat down in a circle around a newly brought to life campfire away from the clearing.

General banter went on until a sudden outburst from Faylinn broke the friendliness in the air.

'I have a plan!' she yelled, out of character.

Emir then looked up from where he'd been sat, apparently fascinated with the ground, with a start, his eyes darting around until they settled on hers. He nodded solemnly, giving her permission to continue.

'Are there any little known ways into the castle?'

'No. They're all known. This guy got very close to the inner circle of royals before taking over. That's what makes his betrayal all the more hurtful.' Emir supplied.

Ramla nodded now, considering.

'What about little used ones?' she asked.

'Well, there is an underground passageway…but that's not good.' Emir sighed.

'Wait!' Gianna cut in here 'why is it no good?'

'It comes up in the main courtyard. It'd be impossible to get from there to the inner castle and to his chambers without being spotted.'

'I've just …thought of something.' Ramla mused.

Then she nodded more confidently, 'yes, back in our world, just before we left they were working on making things invisible. They'd get the light to bend around them so someone looking would only see the space behind the object, not the actual thing. The only thing you might percept would be a shimmer-like thing in the air, easily passed off as being imagination or an effect of the sun.'

'But how could we possibly replicate something that advanced?' Emir was sceptical; since none of his soldiers could do something remotely similar to the proposed idea he highly doubted that one of the girls could, whether it was something possible in their reality or not!

'Faylinn?' Gianna sounded pondering.


'You know that cloak that you put around us to protect us before?'


'How exactly does it work?'

'I concentrate on the idea of a sort of sphere around us and then I try to be specific about what things it lets in and what it doesn't.'

'I see. So…you could stop it from letting in light?'

The light bulbs almost visibly flashed on over everyone's faces. The plan was obvious now. They were to use the underground tunnel to get close, killing any of the guards down there that they came across, leaving off the cloak for then- they didn't want to waste energy unnecessarily- and then they'd have something of a ten minute gap or so before the rest of the guards realised that something was up due to lack of contact between the guards of the underground tunnel and themselves.

That's where the hard bit started. They'd have to get Faylinn to hold this cloak over all hundred or so of the soldiers and the rest of their group until they reached the innermost room of the castle where the king and his queen would be lounging around and gloating over their new-found ruler ship of the kingdom. But could the cloak last that long? Would Faylinn be too exhausted to protect them afterwards? Would, after the death of the betrayers, the soldiers stand down? There was no way of telling how many of the guard were loyal to the new king and queen and how many were there under threat of death and blackmail.

Though, if by some change they made it to the innermost sanctuary, how long would they have until the guards came bustling in to report that something was up?

The whole thing was, indeed, a risky venture. But it was almost certainly a risk that they would have to take if they wanted the kingdom back in the rightful hands of Emir. No matter how arrogant the young prince was it was obvious that the repressing rule of the new king and queen would bring about a black age in the monarchy.

'Faylinn?' Emir sounded respectful…for once.


'I would like you to try what Gianna and Ramla suggested between them. Try to keep the light out of your protecting sphere.'

'I should hold this sphere over all of us?'

'Not to begin with, no. Hold it over just yourself. We need to judge whether this method of infiltration is effective or whether we need to come up with a new plan.'

Faylinn nodded, effectively ending the conversation, as she concentrated on a sphere and in her mind's eye formulated the idea that light would bend around the sphere so that no one would see them. However, at the last moment before she let the sphere come into being, she realised that she must let light come out or they wouldn't see anything. She imagined the idea now of something similar to a one way mirror and, once the spell was complete they were gasps from everyone except her. She shouted a cheer of rejoice as those around her were trying to piece together where she'd got to.

Letting the sphere slip she smiled to those around her and gave her opinion.

'It works and I can only see one way to improve it, if that is okay with your highness and the rest of the assembled, that is?'

'Speak your idea.'

'I could try to keep any noise that comes from us within the sphere. That way no one would here us either.'

Emir nodded, slightly irritated that he hadn't thought of that himself. Even without being able to see the attackers, sound would definitely alert the guards that something was up. They'd been so well trained…


That evening all of them were ready for the attack on the castle. They were hoping for as few casualties as possible but, most of them being veterans at this, they realised that that was probably unrealistic, no matter how good the plan.

As was usual before a fight there was the electric tension in the air, threatening to consume those who were nervous and give adrenalin to those who were ready and even excited. All there knew that it would be a fight to go down into the history books.


'Yea Gianna?'

'I don't want to die.'

Ramla kept a straight face at that, 'everyone has to at some point.'

'Hey! You're supposed to be reassuring me! Some friend you are!' she snorted, disgruntled.

'I'm trying to be a good friend by telling the truth. I figured that that would better prepare us. There's no sense in going into a hostile environment and not preparing ourselves for the worst. That's simply childish and unorganised behaviour. That's how people get killed.'

Gianna just snorted in reply and went over the other side of the campfire to try and find some assurance form Faylinn.

Emir had been listening in on the conversation between Ramla and Gianna and found himself respecting…maybe even liking…the young Ramla. A woman who knew that the worst could happen and didn't lull herself with fairytales, to him, made for a perfect wife and bearer of his children.

He walked over to Ramla then, leaning over her due to his height before he crouched down at her level and smiled.

Ramla was taken aback by how he was coming down to her level, seemingly making himself equal to her. He should smile more often, it brightens up his whole face…he was handsome before but…wow. She smiled back at the young prince and when he held out his hand for her to take she took it and he led them off into a rather secluded part of the woods.

Emir grinned to himself; the attack could wait another hour or so. This seems like a much more pleasing avenue to pursue.

Kalei had carefully watched the young prince and Ramla going off into the woods together and, knowing what his dear friend was like, chuckled to himself. He was under no delusions as to what would be happening at that very moment. Sweeping the clearing he thought to himself; it's a wonder he chose Ramla. That girl was so secretive…much like himself I suppose…personally, I feel Faylinn would make a much more…pleasing, partner.

He grinned then and stood up, moving over to the other side of the fire where Faylinn had been left alone after a heated conversation with Gianna. What's stopping me? This may be my last chance at this…

Back with Emir Ramla was pushed none too softly against a tree in the depths of the forest where they were unlikely to be disturbed and was penetrated all number of ways to please the prince, not much herself. She was held there under brute strength. It seemed as if the prince was intent on teaching her a lesson he felt she deserved. She couldn't raise a finger to stop him. Truthfully, she rather enjoyed being dominated.

Meanwhile in the hidey-hole that Kalei had taken Faylinn to a much more loving and tender atmosphere was overlying their lovemaking. It was a much more mutual celebration of the flesh.

It was a good hour and a half before the two couple returned to the campfire. Kalei and Faylinn came back first, both rather flushed and as the soldiers guffawed and hooted congratulating Kalei. Faylinn blushed a deep hue of red and went to sit in Kalei's lap in a dark corner of the group to avoid too much attention.

Shortly afterwards Emir and Ramla returned. Ramla's clothes were rather ripped and Emir's looked abit worse for the wear but, luckily for Ramla, the soldiers didn't dare comment on the soon to be new king's conquest. A few nodded in his direction acknowledging but the majority kept their heads down, trying to hide a grin. In their opinion the girls had needed a good humping to put them back in their place.

Another half hour later and they were ready to go. Beating through the underbrush they cut across country, taking as many shortcuts as they could, until they reached the underground passage to the castle. It was hidden in the woods.

Soldiers previously trained in the ways of the assassin nodded to rest of the group, separating themselves from them as they snuck up on the guards and took them out silently.

The guards done with, the party advanced into the rather cramped tunnel. Emir and Kalei were at the head of the party, being the best fighters, apparently. They met no more resistance and they quickly came to the head of the tunnel where a trap door was a few metres above their heads. Kalei pointed to a ladder mounted on the wall to the side of the trap door and mimed that they should all climb up it and out of the trap door into the castle proper on his signal.

First, he nodded to Faylinn and she took only a few minutes to raise the sphere around them. Signalling to Kalei to continue they began the second stage of the attack.

Kalei slowly climbed the ladder and opened the trap door the tiniest crack, looking in all directions before he flung it wide open and with haste climbed up into the castle.

Soon, everyone was out of the tunnel and ready to continue. Walking the halls they met no resistance at all, which Emir was uneasy about until he heard drunken singing coming from the guardroom.

'Stupid guards…' he mumbled to himself. He was already thinking about punishing them once he took over. He was beginning to feel that this would be an easy attack.

A cautious hour later, longer than they'd expected by far, they were just outside the new king and queens sanctuary. Emir had thought that due to all the guards being off their heads with drink, he could afford to be careful and take his time.

Flinging the door open they entered the room. The occupants looked around in shock as Faylinn let the shield slip and collapsed to the floor. She'd tried her hardest and not made any noise of complaint but her reserves had run out and she had no energy left at all.

The fight began in earnest then as the queen had strong magical powers and the king was a great swordsman. They had called in around a hundred guards and the room was soon cramped with fighting men. Blood and sweat was the smell in the air and death or conquest was the only thing coming of each individual battle.

Five hours later and the last injured guard had been slain. Emir was victorious but he didn't feel it. Out of the hundred or so men he brought with him only around 40 were left standing. It was a day to be put down in the history books, for certain, but the victory came with great losses. However, the war was over and as emir sat on his rightful throne, those still standing bowed low before him as the new reign began. Everyone there knew instinctively that it'd be a golden age in the monarchy and they cheered for their new king.