I guess it's called Neverland because once out, we are never meant to get back in.

B.a.c.k. t.o. N.e.v.e.r.l.a.n.d.

For a time I wished I could escape to California
& dream about big things for many nights;
In twenty-four hour opened Deny's and twenty four cups of coffee.
At a table with recycled notebooks full of new-filled scraps.
& then wake up of my never-sleep
To feel the warming sun
Cascading over too-soon covered in wrinkled foreheads
In the faces of kids that abandoned Neverland too soon.
With the lingering taste of rum in papercups
& wilting dandelions resting between children cover's books

For a time I wished I could escape to New York City
& pretend I could be someone else just for some nights.
Spending my time at a cheap hotel near Times Square's neon lights.
& buying myself a drink
At a bar with non-existent bottle tips
& finally get to fall asleep
in the city that never sleeps.
Then be waken by the silent joyful smiles of ten thousand faded childs.
& walk around the pavement looking at the empty faces
of the grown-ups that give up on innocence too soon.
With designs of paper planes hidden in leather portfolios
& elementary school photo shots pressed against their working clothes.

Tonight I wish I could escape to Neverland once more
& remind myself what I once was.
Tonight I wish I could revert the time.
& make myself believe that I'm once again a child.
But the clock's been ticking out
Reminding me that children don't need to remember how to be alive.