Let me slip out of my skin and forget who I am,

Just for a moment so I can breathe again,

I'll whisper the words that can whisk me away,

Show up on your doorstep and beg 'let me stay,'


I'll brush past your body and into your world,

Stay safe from the outside where that darkness is hurled,

And slowly I'll surface alone in your arms,

Breathe in deep, touch your lips, shift this chaos to calm,


It's so silent right now with my head on your chest,

But you're not really here; I'm inventing the rest,

So here I go once again, slipping out of my skin,

Float away from this darkness as perfection is sin,


I can't fall in to anything without forgetting to breathe,

So I'll stay for a while then I'll wish I could leave,

Whisper secrets to no one as I run once again,

Wishing for something to help hide from this pain,


Letting go, growing out, as this soul turns to dust,

Gazing into those eyes as this pain turns to lust,

I'll stop stalking your soul now if you just set mine free,

Give me back all my senses cause I'm learning to see,


Let me slip out of this skin, let me breathe once again,

Just for a moment to forget who I am.


-- Even Gods Dream, 29th October 2006