The Love Between A Man And His Bran is Something Not To Be Trifled With.

There once was a long-bearded man,

His favourite breakfast consisted of bran,

One day into his beard,

The bran became smeared,

His wife forced him to have a bran-ban.


This man became rather distraught,

"I'll die without branflakes," he thought,

"My wife must be crazy,

Or perhaps she is lazy,

What an evil plan she has wrought,"


Without bran this man became high,

He thought he saw pigs in the sky,

At this sight the man cried


They're off to their heavenly sty!"


The man soon remembered his beard,

Recalling what's in it, he cheered,

"I will savour these flakes,

And make no mistakes,

My wife will not find them," he sneered.


Appeared his wife at the door,

And with her a Hoover she bore,

The crumbs she did clean,

There's none left to be seen,

It was then the man dropped to the floor.


The poor man had dropped dead with sadness,

The bran was the source of his madness,

His wife did not care,

Removed his facial hair,

And laughed at her own wicked badness.


Even Gods Dream, 10th May 2006