Were you trembling with fear as he pinned you to the fence?

Or were you loving the attention as you turned away your head?

And as his hand ran down your spine why didn't you scream out?

I guess you wanted to feel wanted as his tongue forced in your mouth.


You're searching for perfection,

In your mind you keep reflecting,

All those nights you spent alone,

And your words will never be the same again,


All the tears fall down your face,

Girl you think that you're so misplaced,

But are the tears really real?

Or are you acting out some other person's pain,


Were you bathing in his lust as he forced himself on you?

Or was your fear the main reason for what you let him do?

Are you shaking with disgust that you let it go this way?

Or taking pride in his want as you teased to his dismay?


Do you want love or love want?

Do you feed off other's lust?

Keep changing so they want you,

Your morals are all starting to wear dry,


Is it your fault anyway?

Are you leading them astray?

Don't you think you're good enough?

Just to hide yourself you tell another lie,


As the fence dug in your back did you not make any noise?

Were you a touch aroused by the greed that filled his voice?

Were you frightened by his angry shouts "It's cause you're in love with him!"?

Or did you enjoy the jealousy he felt over your skin?


I think this has gone too far,

Do you know who you really are?

Is it all a lust for drama?

Do you lead them on just so that you feel good?


Do they appreciate you?

Well they won't until you are true,

Society's corrupted child,

You'll shine one day when you are understood.


Well I hold my hand up to meet yours as tears corrupt your cheek,

The cold metal in between us makes me feel so very weak,

I'm not the girl you want to be, we want so much to change,

With the reflection staring back at me it all merges into place,


I was trembling with fear as he pinned me to the fence,

And I was loving the attention as I turned away my head,

And as his hand ran down my spine I was too scared to scream out,

Maybe I wanted to feel wanted as his tongue forced in my mouth.


-- Even Gods Dream, 30th October - 1st November 2006