A/N: My first try at an epic poem. Written for a contest. The second part and the story format are in the process of being written.

The Lay of Henna and Mikhael

A girl was born under full moon's glow,
With eyes as grey as the summer rain,
Her dark hair as black as a raven's wing,
And a spirit that no one could tame.

A boy was born during noontide bright,
With hair like the sun on ripened grain,
Eyes as dark as brown cedar wood,
And a spirit as strong as the same.

The girl's mother was stubborn and tradition was strong,
So for flower the girl was named.
But few flower names were left when she came along,
So by Henna the girl was claimed.

The boy's father yearned for a boy he could teach,
And train as a warrior bold.
So he named him Mikhael for the warrior patron,
Determined that he would live to be old.

There are highs to a parent who wants to be a 'Dark Lord',
The other teaching Compassion and the Will to Survive.
Raised in her father's image, darkness shadowed her path,
But Henna's light would help to keep Hope alive.

Raised from first breath to oppose a rising dark,
Taught to battle but knowing nothing of Light.
Mikhael's life was in combat and he knew nothing else,
But life is empty when there is only the Fight.

Now Henna grew in grace with voice lifted in song,
And drew others like bees to a flower.
She had her father's gift with shadows and they followed her call,
Bringing her both peace and great power.

Mikhael grew up great in the Warrior Craft,
As over plains and through valleys he ranged.
But that life is cold and no purpose he felt,
Until he met a girl and two lives were changed.

An Inn on the Moors is rarely a place,
Where Star-Crossed lovers are first fated to meet.
But also fated to be different, one was fleeing a storm,
The other merely wishing to rest their feet.

A girl filled with Light and with a wicked right hook,
A cold, hardened warrior with a nasty rep.
At the Heaven's disbelieving "You call this destined?"
The fates snickered at the strange First Step.

A/N: So, what do people think? This is my first try at anything like this so reviews are appreciated. Second part is coming soon.