Late night streets armed with prison guards
Firing words "Get in, or check out"
Roads lined in streetlamps spotlighting empty syringes
Powdered upper lips sit atop grinning teeth
Show forth a mind not aware in this place and time
Hearing not a word their soul didn't yeild

Walking in unison, a flood of its denizens
A cancer can not be happily ignored
Bibles, as bullets, launched into the crowd
Women and children off the ship first
Face down into the iced-over ocean
Angels beat their wings, revelling in the blood

The A about the A stirs within the crowd
A cut across an arm, burns a tear in someone's eye
Pretension in regards to gods long forgotten
Protecting smaller ears and eyes from decay
A fog carries the scent of disease in darkness
Helping hands punping as fists in the air
A spirited youth once screamed "Your warnings are choking me"
Faces pressed into cold (caring) shoulders

Current passions seek out the next chic thing
Towards the flowing bodies filling the alleys
A beautiful girl, arms accented with track marks
Child in tow, resting safely between the lines
Wind whistles through her hair as life passes in a crawl
A figure representing love rings a bell
Every time it chimes another one passes in ecstacy
Change or a kick is all that is ever spared

The beholder has lost its eyes, watch it as it bleeds
24-hour party people cry "Just let it be, I'm better off"
Guilt for the self mutilation, not of self, of family
Drawn into a niche of reprehensables and compensation
When brought to their attention
The apathy about the addiction stirs within the crowd