Last Days of Eden

Journeying an uncharted world full of surprises,
She cautiously pries open an injured gate,
Hanging in mid swoon,
Clearly scarred on the surface

She trips into a garden full of sorrow,
Home to such spectacular magnetic magic,
A place with Candy Crowns, drowning deep with honey,
Swallowing her whole as she stares at the beauty
Dew drops glitter and glisten under evanescent moonlight,
Just to survey this majestic garden enlarges her soul,
As fairies sing hauntingly with sad songs
Behind orange tipped bushes,
Why didn't she discover this in her dreams years ago?
When she had fallen into deep troubled graves

Murmuring with utter reverence,
She grins, knowing that she shares its spirit
Lies down within the shivering grass,
Closes her Eyes, filled with peace, united

Melodic purple poppies seem
Too real to be alive,
Heads turned towards
The sky reproaching heaven,
While furious scent escapes jealously
Into the frigid night,
Pools of stars shine down accusingly
Down to this garden of serenity,
As if some war had brought
The two together, a place not built on love

Everything is too true to be perfect,
She knows this place isn't real, but wants it to be,
Jewelled tears crystallize slithering and weave down her cheek,
She knows Fantasy is home to Unwelcome Demons

Blinding blue light
Drips down the waterfall,
Dreams that slipped into a memory stream
Beneath dark clouds,
Enchanting Beauty, where did you inspire such creations?
Did God's tear glue this place on the Seventh Day?
When he cried out in agonized pain,
Realizing humanity's imperfections?
She wanders alone, basking under Golden Fairy's light
Warming her lonely heart, wishing to know the truth

Shadows fly across her mind causing her confusion,
What was love melts into blistering anger,
She rips the flowers from their earthen bed,
Cursing loving words, but instead the petals shrivel and choke

Once loved by this gentle woman, the garden now becomes cold,
Stars glaze over icily, the waterfall strains to live,
Retracting back into itself,
Shouldering whatever love there was,
The beauty gone, lost,
Back into the uncertain and forgotten void
She catches a fading fairy,
Cupped in her hands,
It smokes into green orbs,
Hiding a fantasy that should not have been told

Hiding behind a wall of ice, she turns away,
Wanting to clutch onto something hard and stay,
Begging to keep at least a part of the magic that was hers,
But she knows she cannot conquer its darkness

She gropes to find the entrance,
Find where this place began and started,
Wants to touch the fragile flowers that hide in the moonlight,
To be caressed by those comforting smells that kindled her soul,
Drink deeply from succulent warm springs,
That once touched her cool pale skin,
She trudges on, lost again,
Into a desert behind the now closed and Forbidden Eden
She only waits behind its now ivy wired gates,
That strangles and wrap around her First Home

Divided, with the sense to search and reclaim,
But stuck within the waiting game,
Hoping it will choose to take her back
And open the gates once more