Porcelain Doll

I never really knew,
The reason you left.
Was it said?
Cause I didn't hear.

It's ok if it wasn't,
But it's beyond me,
How your eyes never,
Shed a tear.

It's actually me now,
Who can't forget,
And am the one,
To cry.

For the long-lost lover,
Who abandoned me,
To lay on the floor,
And die.

Then I see the broken doll,
On my window sill,
With its porcelain,
Once so fine.

A thought reveals,
It's shattered being,
Is not so different,
From mine.

I was nothing,
Until you created me.
With your hands you,
Shaped my soul.

Then you threw me down,
And I broke apart.
Without you I couldn't,
Be whole.

And it's so strange now,
There's even no wind.
Nothing can move me,
From this place.

My pieces are lifeless,
Like the porcelain doll's.
There's countless common things,
We face.

So we wait together,
In this hollow state.
Hoping one day,
Through the pain.

Someone will find us,
And have the heart,
To build us back up,

~© Copyright 2001 by §ydney ßlair~