By Trang An

Go ahead and spread your hate. Go ahead and anger those around you. Go ahead and incite the sorrow and tears.

Go ahead.

Because we humans don't deserve anything more than that.

We kill out of hate.

We kill out of revenge.

Hell, we'd even kill for the sake of killing.

Because, really, do we know how to do anything else? Are we truly capable of anything else?

And if we are, would we prefer to share the light of kindness…

Or spread our inner darkness?…

It is in our nature to fear and torment what we don't understand.

It's how we've always lived.

It's what we are.

Because what does it really mean to be human?

Does being human mean we are better than animals? That we can do things animals cannot?

We indeed can do things animals cannot… or do not do… but does that necessarily mean we're better than them?

Animals don't kill out of hate.

Animals can live together in harmony.

Animals don't go out of their way to make others miserable.

What have we humans done to contribute to the well-being of others?

And if we actually do things to help others, is it truly out of the kindness of our heart….

Or is it merely because it is the "right thing to do"?

Because deep down within the hearts of all humans… is an inner desire… to look out for oneself.

And only oneself.

We react angrily towards people like Adolf Hitler, Fidel Castro, and other cold and cruel dictators…

We are shocked by their actions…

We say they're evil.

But are the rest of us so different from these cold-hearted monsters? Can we really say that we're better than them… when we're all capable of the same inhumane acts?

We can't…

Because deep down, we know it's true.

You can be appalled by what I say. You can be angered by my words.

You can argue that none of this is true as much as you want.

But try going on the internet one of these days….

Because while people wear a mask in the real world…

The cyber world shows them for what they really are.

And you will see the insanity within the insight of humanity.