This book goes back a long way. It was my last known full length story to be hand written (and completed, if it were just the written part, X-Drive takes that) but it was my favorite. It had many twists. I made this one to be much more dark than the first three written versions (Yes, this is the fourth written version.) and it will be finished since it's on my account. Ryu Ematsu (please flame him, for me!) deleted it off the Rev-Zero account and put the story behind months earlier. This story is my last with FP, and I hope you all enjoy it. If the reception of this is good, then I just might put the novel on hold and do another story here, but this appears to be it. Please enjoy this one. These chaps are long, but I did that to reduce space, it's really worth read. This story has some very intense and well crafted action scenes.

Shadow Cop

Written by JT Keebaugh

Chapter 1

"A Busy Day"

Metro Square, Florida. This is one of the most modern, new age, crime driven cities of the Southern United States. It wasn't always like this of course. The north had great cities like Neo Shinora City, New York City, and Chicago. In Florida, it was the mid 80's and the south was having problems. President Ronald Reagan passed an act to build a city for the south in order to get some cash flow going. It was right on the southern tip of Florida where the coast was already into industrial work. They built a city called Metro South. It held the population for a while until in 1991, President George Bush Senior wanted to end crime and riots in the south. He began a worldwide donation and funding project to build up two cities right on the border of Metro South. It would make the city expand even more with its two new districts, Metro West and Metro East. By 1997, the mafia had begun putting casinos north of the city.

Then they built another city just around the casinos that eventually created Metro North. The four cities had connected into Metro Square after the time passed. It was well recognized. Many people would cross the globe to just get a piece of construction done. By 2007, the city was already completed in record time. It was almost four times the size of New York with population and area. The Cortino Crime family had already started to run the city and they took over with a strong iron fist. The police wouldn't arrest them since it was basically they're city. They took the docks and began to help run the community. Who would step in the way? It's now 2015 and they've already taken over. The family owned restaurant business was a dependent factor in the culture of the city. Everybody had his or her ties. The whole city was dependent on the organized crime factor. But like they say, everything that has a beginning has an end. Some day the mafia would collapse. That's where our story begins…

Metro West

"I know things may seem bad, but they could get worse!" –Carl Johnson, form Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Zeek was once again glued to the couch with a controller in his hand, the TV on mute, and his stereo cranked up to some old techno. A little earpiece was around his ear while he played a little third person action shooter against some people on line.

"I am God. This is my game room, and you are my skeet. I will shoot you now." Zeek chanted as he ran through the game.

In the game, he was playing as a man in a vest with a head band and some bad ass weapons in his arms. Zeek didn't really worry about his opponent after seeing them load into the game.

"Player two has entered the game. Battle two, Leon versus The Enforcer will commence." The CPU said.

"I'm going to fuck you up!" the voice on the other end exclaimed.

"Bring it." Zeek said with an almost monotonous voice.

He ran on ahead with his character before jumping up onto a crate to get a jump on his enemy. The graphics on the game were so advanced that characters could pass off as normal people.

"Send your little mooks at me!" Zeek exclaimed into the head piece.

Just as he said that, a big arm put him into a choke hold and caused him to drop his controller. The horror! A set of knuckles grinded across his hair in a fast motion, causing him to scream.

"Mooks? That's a good one! You thought I wouldn't spot it out, huh?" Alex asked as he gave Zeek a noogie.

"It's a John Woo term!" Zeek cried.

Alex let him go before laughing at the screen. Zeek watched his character take a head shot and fall down into a pit of blood.

"Oh! Your level 27 Leon character isn't too good, now is he?" the voice on the other end asked.

"Fuck you prick!" Zeek exclaimed before throwing down the head piece and facing Alex. "You fucked it up! That was a 78 game winning streak! If I got 100 we could have made some money off it."

"Ah, you can't trust those games!" Alex exclaimed before walking over to the dresser across the room.

"It's money regardless."

"Sorry about that. I was having too much fun!"

Alex lifted up his police shirt and shook the last few ashes off before getting a whiff of it. The smell made him cringe before baking up.

"Has Kyle been over here lately?" Alex asked as he sprayed some deodorant on his shirt.

"Yesterday." Zeek asked.

"Tell that little stoner if he smokes pot in my house again it will be his ass. I'm a cop; I can't have that on my life."

"Well, I'll make sure to spot him out next time."

"Zeek, did you get high with him?" Alex asked as he faced him.

"No…" Zeek said before nodding. "No, no… Yes… Maybe."

"I'll let you off easy… Next time…" Alex drew a gun to Zeek. "BLAM-BLAM-BLAM! Ha-ha-ha, that happens to people who get in with that stuff. I'm just fucking with you Zeek. Don't do anything to jeopardize you getting a scholarship."

Alex ironed off his shirt before spraying some deodorant on his armpits. He was a Chinese immigrant who had come to America during the Bird Flu epidemic of 1998. Just behind him was a little wooden post with six pegs on it to represent a six armed opponent. The over shirt he was wearing for work sat and dried out so during that time he decided to catch up on his martial arts practices. Though they never came into play during his job on the force, he would always keep them in use. Alex was now a gun runner or gun bunny—some even call him a Samurai of the gun—but he didn't like the title because he was Chinese, not Japanese.

Zeek picked up his controller and tried to gain his reputation back up. Alex seemed to get into the art of close range fighting because it was a tradition his ancestors followed for years. After spending moments fighting it, he quickly did one sweep and knocked all six arms away before pulling back his right hand for a one big thrust. On impact the dummy tipped back, but it soon landed straight up before Alex stepped away. He smiled before point his finger at the dummy to fire a pretend shell.

"No person can ever be fast enough to dodge a bullet." Alex called out.

"Yeah, stuff like swords doesn't have a purpose anymore." Zeek said back.

"True… Hey, I've got to go." Alex quickly put on a black T-Shirt before his dress shirt and badge. "I've got some asses to kick. There may be crimes going on… Pfff…"

"Take it easy." Zeek said before reaching under the couch for his cell phone.

Alex stepped out the door and to the ghetto looking apartment area. It was his home. He had lived in these very apartments since him and his dad moved here seventeen years ago. Just in front of the stoop was Zeek's little moped chained to bike rack and of course Alex's patrol car. Alex felt around his pants for his keys, which he had on him, and then he sat his leg up on the railing of the stoop to make sure he had his backup gun on his leg belt. It was there too—now he went to his car where a basketball rolled over to his feet. A couple of kids were across the street playing some B-ball, so he picked up the ball before tossing it to the first one. The ball went in quickly and the teen that caught it started to dribble it.

"Nice throw. How good are you at shooting hoops?" the teen asked.

"Alright I guess. But I'm in a bit of a hurry." Alex said with a shrug.

"Just one. We haven't played a round in forever."

"Ok, if I score this hoop can I go?"

The teen nodded before throwing the ball over to Alex. He caught it before dribbling it a few times. After preparing, he threw the ball up and it landed directly on the backboard before rolling on the hoop.

"I've gotta go." Alex said as he opened the car door.

"But the ball," the teen said before the ball rolled in, "oh, never mind. Peace! We need to play a round sometime."

"Will do."

Alex stepped into the cop car before holding up a peace sign. He then turned on the car before getting a call on his radio.

"Car fourteen, are you there?" the voice asked.

"This is Schauman." Alex said after grabbing the receiver.

"It's Gary. I've been in my office for half an hour now. Can we get moving? The chief is flipping out over all this security and stuff."

"I'm on the way. Just chill out."

"OK. I'll be inside. You've got some shit on your desk you need to take care of."


Alex drove out of the small area before getting on the freeway a few blocks over to get to the Metro West police department under the Goashima Freeway. On the way, he decided to crank up the music… Just a busy day I guess… The ride alone with the music was just like it would have been any other day. Today felt no different. It was either going to be an exciting day or a very boring one. Alex drummed along to some old Metallica song as he pulled into the police station. It kept him at ease while driving because that was one of his worst attribute. If there were a way to drive like you shoot, then it would be easy, his father once said before his death. As soon as he pulled into his reserved spot, a fellow police officer walked by with a brown paper bag.

"Officer Miller!" Alex exclaimed as he stepped out of his car. "Officer Miller, Chief Simmons said that he needed that report on the knife fight you broke up the other day."

"I'll get it in. I've got to go on patrol right now." Officer Miller replied as he walked towards his car.

"Oh, I know you've been drinking behind the wheel lately. I don't mind you doing it because we all need a shot of liquor on the job," Alex said as he perched up on the patrol car, "but don't get drunk and go driving. If you get into a wreck and I know about it this will be both of our asses! Got it?"

"Yeah, I'm good at this any ways." Officer Miller said as he stepped in.

"Alright." Alex said as he patted the top of the car with a little smirk.

Officer Miller unscrewed the bottle of Spiced Rum and took a fourth of it right up before setting it down. He started the engine up before nodding.

"Fuck you Schauman." Officer Miller stated as he backed out.

Alex walked into the busy station before nodding to a few of the young deputies behind the counter. One waved back with a smirk on her face. After getting back into the station, papers flew around as a few officers were trying to find files for the reports.

"Officer Schauman!" a voice called out. It was Detective Stony. "Officer, you've got to help me out here. I need something big for the press. Who's the best officer on the force right now?"

"I think that's Officer… Officer Tanner, that's right! The quick draw guy." Alex replied. "Why ask?"

"Officer Tanner!" Detective Stony called out before walking over to the next cop.

Alex slapped his hand out before walking into his dual office with his partner Gary. Like usual, Gary was in to finishing his paper and not worrying about anything else.

"So how's your day been?" Alex asked.

No reply. The two spent about twenty minutes typing up their reports because today was Thursday, and every station needed to have them done before a new week started. Gary typed up a few more words before hitting the print key. The printer was a laser jet, so papers of text documents could be printed in seconds. His twenty page report only took ten seconds to print out while Alex's took even shorter at four seconds.

"I love the fresh smell of ink." Gary said as he took a big whiff.

"Who doesn't?" Alex asked.

"Not sure. But we've got to head out right now. We're supposed to be patrolling right now."

"Hey Gary, could you take my report to the chief's desk? I'll go get the car started."

"It doesn't bother me." Gary said before taking it.

Alex nodded and left the office to go get in his car. The streets were noisy outside from where all the rush hour traffic was starting up. Most of the cars were clearing the station at the moment, so right now it was going to be a minute before he could pull out. Gary joined him soon so they could continue on to the patrol…

Lunch hour…

"I hate route four. The only good restaurants are over forty minutes away." Gary said as he finished up his cigarette.

"We're in Metro East. I know a great Chinese restaurant just a few blocks over if you want to stop there." Alex said.

"I don't know, I don't think it might be good."

"Chinese food kicks ass!" Alex exclaimed.

"Yeah, but you're Chinese, so put two and two together…"

"Man that was cold."

"I'm just playing. Chinese sounds good." Gary said back.

Alex took a left turn and followed the small route there. He and Gary would normally pick places, but this restaurant had just opened months earlier and he was getting tired of fast food. It already got to the point that if he stopped working out he'd get a gut—one big nasty fat gut that would make criminals scream if he ever had to whip it out. Alex shook off the funny thought before pulling into the restaurant. Gary stepped out first before checking his wallet for cash.

"Hey, I'm a bit low, can you help cover?" Gary asked.

"No problem." Alex replied as he stepped for the door.

Upon stepping inside, he was welcomed by the fresh aroma around the area while Gary walked in unfazed because of allergies.

"Welcome to the Golden blossom, how may we help you?" the woman at the desk asked.

"We'd like to get a table for two on the second floor if that is possible." Alex said after observing the area.

"We can oblige. Right this way." The woman said before leading them upstairs.

They kept going up the stairs while looking at a lot of the scenery. What made the place look nice was that there was a giant metal Chinese Dragon moving up from the first floor then through a massive opening on the second floor. A fountain was beneath it while water sprayed form the Dragon's mouth. Alex looked at the second floor and saw that there were little streams of water between the tiles on the floor. They had glass screening on it so people could walk around and not get wet. They all circulated towards the dragon sculpture before dripping down into the fountain below.

"Nice place." Alex said as he followed the waitress.

"Thank you. We don't get police here often. Last time a drunken one walked in… Officer Miller I think was it." The woman said.

"Good memory." Gary said before laughing.

She led them to a small table with two cushions beside it so both of the cops could have a seat. After that she lifted up a pad of paper from off her belt before taking orders.

"Are you two ready?" the waitress asked.

"Give us one minute." Alex said.

"I'll have the cream of sum yung guy!" Gary busted out.

Alex slammed his hand on the table while trying to hold back laughing. The waitress looked at them both with a little smirk before scratching the name off the menu. Gary laughed before looking at the menu.

"I'll have the Sweet and Sour chicken with fried rice." Gary said as he flipped through the menu.

"I'll take fried chicken with steamed rice. Oh, and some tea." Alex said quickly.

"Good. We'll have your order within ten minutes. Thank you for dining." The waitress said before walking off.

Alex followed her with his eyes before turning to Gary who couldn't stop laughing at the rant.

"If you ever do that again I will kill you." Alex said quickly.

"It was a joke!" Gary said before feeling around his wallet. "Shit, I forgot my badge."

"We'll pick it up later. It's not like nothing bad is going to happen."

Alex held his hands together and began to move his thumbs in a circle. Gary nodded while drumming on the table to some music playing in the background. As they sat around, there was a bit of a rush downstairs with all the customers coming in. The woman at the front desk was counting some of the money in register to make sure it was working. A few Asian men walked inside dressed in Yakuza style outfits and their hands tucked inside their shirts.

"Welcome to the Golden Blossom." The woman said before the first man placed a silenced pistol up against her chest.

"You're going to close the restaurant and come with us. Nobody comes in, nobody leaves." The mobster said quickly. "Is that clear?"


The two walked around towards the center of the dining room floor to signal the other heist members waiting to strike. The woman at the front desk locked the front door before following the leader to help fulfill their plot. Alex twiddled his thumbs before seeing two Yakuza clan members step up with Ingram 9mms. They were well hidden long with the others because Alex hadn't even noticed them from earlier.

"Keep quiet." Alex said.

"What?" Gary slowly turned his head.

"Stop! Just play it cool. I think there's a robbery a foot." Alex said as he reached towards his leg.

Gary looked back at him while Alex pulled the gun off the belt on his leg and tucked it under his feet. It was a small .357 revolver with six shots already in it. The first Yakuza gunner spotted Alex out first and held up the Ingram.

"Ok, nobody moves and we can be in and out. My friend here is going to clear you wallets, so no funny business. You cops better not move either!" the gangster yelled.

"Just don't hurt anybody." Alex said while motioning his hand under the table.

The Yakuza gunner walked over to them slowly with his gun up. Alex didn't move from his spot to avoid startling the gunman. The second gunman walked around the room telling people to clear out their wallets while he filled the bag. The first one didn't quite look like much of a professional because his first action was to let his partner do the robbery while he was un-occupied. Also he failed to make sure the whole restaurant was clear before even trying to rob the place.

"You first. Place your gun on the table slowly and then back up." The gunman said to Alex.

Alex reached for his Beretta and took it out slowly before placing it onto the table. The gunman turned to Gary and gave him the same command. As he eyed Gary taking out the gun, Alex quickly drew the .357 and fired two shots up towards his head. The crowd erupted in scream as the gun man fell back towards the floor. Gary flipped around and bent over so Alex could hit the gun man across the room. He fired on single shot that struck the gunman's chin before going out of the back of his skull. The gunman took it a few more shots while his right arm squeezed the trigger to the Ingram. Bullets sprayed out to his right and across a wall. The gunman fell back against a table where he dropped the gun onto a bystander.

Alex quickly grabbed the Beretta form off the table before checking over where the loose shells were fired. A woman had a heart attack form the shots, but not a single person was hit. This relieved a great bit of stress because any cop would know that a civilian caught in the cross fire would only damage their reputation on the news while at the same time leave a scar on their conscience. Gary stood up from off the ground. Alex ran on ahead with the .357 in his right hand and the Beretta in his left. He made a move for the steps while Gary followed close behind with his Beretta armed. The gunmen downstairs could already hear the alarm going off in the back, so they decided to either take the fight or flight situation.

"We can take them! I only heard one gun up there!" the first gun man said quickly as he took his positions.

"No, get out to the back now!" the second yelled to him.

Alex was the first to run down the wide staircase while Gary kept back up. As they came down, two of the gunmen took note in them and opened fire. A scream of bullets went through the air before hitting the wall nearby Alex and Gary. As the gunmen scrambled, Alex lifted up the Beretta and carefully aimed for them. One of the gunmen kept out in the open which was good enough for Alex to get one clear shot. After his sights lined up, the gun man fired a few shots up at the two cops as they came at them. Alex ignored the missed shots before firing one round directly at the first gun man. The bullet was a hollow point shell, so upon impact it spread out into a five point razor shell that ripped through the gun man's chest.

Blood sprayed out, and Alex used it as a reference to fire out two more shots. The two rounds went through the gun man's chest, causing him to pitch backwards into the floor while the others scrambled towards the back door to the garden area. Alex jumped over the side of the railing on the step before recovering from the shock. Gary ran down the stairs instead of jumping since he was in his forties and the jump would have taken its toll. As Alex ran for the back he could only help but lift his hand to signal for him.

"Alex, wait up!" Gary yelled out before getting onto the floor.

Alex kept running towards the back without even fearing what might happen to him. Upon reaching the back door just a few seconds after the three remaining gun men did. After stepping out back he saw a linear staircase that lead down to the alley way. The first two gun men turned back to him and fired up towards him. A few bystanders were on the steps at the same time, so all they could do was run. Alex flipped behind a huge concrete foliage case to avoid getting shot. The two gun men kept firing, so Alex quickly jumped out of cover with the two guns out. He fired the last few shots from the .357 that caused both of the men to take cover while the third ran for the car.

After the firing came to a halt, all three men stood to face each other. Alex got up and ran down the steps with the Beretta in front of him. The first gun man came out with an Ingram drawn to his target. He fired one quick burst that missed Alex by a few inches. Alex quickly fired a few shots into the man's chest with the hollow point before feeling the screaming pain of a gun shot wound rip through his own upper left arm. He fell back towards the right side of the steps where his body slumped towards the ground. The second gun man was satisfied with his shot, so he took aim. Before firing, Alex lifted his Beretta before pulling the trigger to shoot a bullet off. The hollow point shell struck the man in the eye and ripped the side of his head open like a melon.

The round left his body, struck a pillar, and then finally the gun man fell to the ground where he was left to die. The first gun man that was shot sat up with a manageable gun shot wound. He tried to fight off Alex as he stood, but his arms refused to lift in order to fight. Alex kicked his gun away before coming back around with one good heel-butt to the face. The hit knocked the gun man out so he could later be arrested. Alex turned to the bottom of the steps before feeling the pain in his left arm get to him. It was still possible to move his arm, but luckily enough for him a nerve wasn't struck.

As for the third gun man, he tried to make his final getaway through the car. Before making it around the front, Gary came out of cover from behind a car with the shotgun inside the patrol car. He fired a shot towards the Corvette the gun man was driving away in. The pellets went in head on, tore through the hood, the engine, and finally through the dash where they struck the gun man. Blood sprayed all over the inside of the car, but it only got worse as Gary fired a second shot that delivered the finishing blow. He jumped out of the way while the Corvette went onwards and rammed into a fire hydrant. The collision sent the hydrant itself flying across the street while the Corvette spun out of control. It finally ran into a side walk before tipping over. Along with water now rising from the side walk, a couple of quick screams rung through the area. Alex joined Gary out onto the street before nodding.

"Another job well done." Alex said jokingly.

"Next time we should go to Hardees. Nobody ever tries to rob those!" Gary replied.