Chapter 5


Part 3

When a man lies
He murders some part of the world
These are the pale deaths in which men miscall their lives
All this I cannot bear witness any longer
Cannot the Kingdom of Salvation take me home?

-Cliff Burton

Alex walked towards the edge of the first rooftop before focusing on his powers. Once he entered the World of Shadows he made a small leap that was able to excel him from the edge of the roof to the next in line. All the way towards the end o the building was a small night club with a huge blue flamingo neon statue in front of it. The clubs name, well, the statue explains it all. It was a mafia owned business that pulled in nearly 40,000 in drug money, admissions, and just the normal entertainment every single day. There was no doubt in Alex's mind that on a Saturday night like this one of the Don's head mobsters was lounging around. He walked to the edge of the final building in line before entering the Shadow World and stepping off. Too many outside of this realm could only see the quick image of Alex striking the ground at high speed. What bystanders watched quickly ran away screaming without even getting a second look. In front of the club was a large set of marble stairs that had two mobsters standing over. They were causally talking about the job and life while Alex walked towards them.

"Hey," the first mobster said before pointing to Alex, "Look at that. I hate when greasy bastards show up at the club and want in."

"Hello! I don't think you're a regular here. What's your name and we can talk about letting you in." the second mobster said after staring at him. "But the only problem is your look, I'm sorry sir, its 80s night. You need to do something about that fuzz on our chin, the dirt, and lose that trench coat."

Alex continued to walk up the stairs towards the two mobsters without even listening to what they were saying. The first of the two stepped towards him before receiving a quick punch straight to the chin. As soon as he felt the pain from the blow, he found himself spinning upwards in the air. After moving a few meters upwards, he went crashing into the roof of the club where he had a very nasty fall that left many of his bones broken. The second mobster lifted up the pistol tucked in his pants, but he didn't get the chance to point it at his rapidly approaching opponent. Alex pushed the gun aside with his left hand before hearing the explosion from the missed shot ripping past his ear. After getting the gun aside, he brought his right fist down towards the mobster's arm and struck it. His fist snapped the bone in two before hitting the railing his arm was pressed against. The sudden forced impact bent the rail at well while the mobster fell onto the stairs. His body rolled downwards while Alex only stood to watch him slide closer and closer towards the road.

"You, you fucking bitch! I'll kill you!" the mobster screamed as he held his baldy broken arm.

With nobody to guard the door, Alex just stepped on in through the front to hear Michael Jackson playing on the speakers. It was Billie Jean, one he'd heard before. Multi colored strobe lights shined all over the area while people danced the night away on the floors below. Right in this spot alone Alex had spotted so many felonies, but he wasn't a cop anymore, and arresting them would be stupid to try anyways. Everybody who wasn't dancing were sitting around and snorting some blow before getting back up to dance. Slowly Alex stepped around the people on by the entrance while making his way towards the stairs which lead upstairs. The loud music was getting to him already, mainly because he was not a big fan of pop, and partially because he hated a lot of 80s music. The steps leading up were not guarded at the moment, so Alex took them up to see what was up there—it might have had some importance. He was unaware that one of the club's security had spotted him.

Sitting upstairs was a low life named Finny who was the lowest ranked crime lord in Don Cortino's mafia. Beneath him was a young girl with a fat rail of cocaine lying across her right breast. He snorted it off and the licked her to get the remains onto his tongue. The girl sat up before feeling his lips press into her neck. She was turned on already, but in her head she knew it was the coke—Finny was an asshole.

"Come on baby, let's do it. Right here, right now." Finny said before forcing his tongue into her mouth.

"Oh I don't want to. It's too early." The girl said back after lifting him up. She was only 15.

"Come on; don't leave me sitting here with blue balls."

"Right now? I don't want to."

"Don't make me force it now." Finny said as he started to unbutton her blouse.

"I wanna go home."

"I'm a goodie baby, you'll like me!"

She felt his teeth sinking into her nipples now, and it made her feel a little more uncomfortable with being around him. Finny enjoyed this too much—he preferred young teens than women his age—it was all a power factor. Alex stepped into the room and saw the situation. He didn't really care for either of them, but after seeing Finny, he had to move in.

"Hey, do you own this night club?" Alex asked.

"What?" Finny replied in shock as he got off of the girl to face him. "What the fuck are you doin' up here?"

"You're my man. You," he said, this time signaling to the girl, "beat it."

The girl stood up, buttoned up her blouse, and then rushed past Alex without even looking at him. Finny got up from off the sofa then was quickly pushed back down into it.

"Now son, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. I'm gonna ask you some questions and I want to have them answered immediately!" Alex exclaimed.

"You'll get nothing from me ya' fuckin' chump!" Finny said back with a grin.

Alex swung his fist up across his face before picking him back up. Finny looked at him with a blood filled mouth and then was thrown across the room. His back went crashing into a small coffee table while Alex pulled out his revolver.

"Question one, who shot Officer Alex Schauman?" Alex asked as he got closer.

"Fuck you," Finny said as he let the blood pour from his mouth, "you're fucking dead, you know that? It's Michael? Is he paying you? Answer me you fucking prick! I can double it!"

"Wrong answer!" Alex yelled before firing a shot into his leg.

Finny let out a howl of pain as the bullet went in and out of his right leg. For a second the pain was so bad that when the endorphins kick in, he was feeling a sick pleasure from it.

"You fucker!!!" Finny screamed at him.

"Well, answer my question!" Alex yelled back before pressing the gun barrel up against his dry forehead.

The hot barrel practically coiled his skin on contact before melting it off. Blood dripped from this wound now, and right now Finny wish he wasn't here.

"Fuck, you fucking bastard! His name's Vince! Vince," Finny cried before seeing two of his men run up from the stairs, "waste him!"

Alex turned to the mobsters and felt a barrage of rounds come flying towards him. They pierced his chest and left multiple holes. While falling back, he fired a few shots that took both of the men out quickly. Finny got up from off the ground before stumbling his way towards the stairs. After Alex hit the floor, he slid a foot on a trail of blood while a ghostly aura began to surround him. A little snake like ghost crawled out of a wound with a bullet in its grasp before dropping off the bullet. Multiple spirits like it crawled out of the other puncture wounds before flying back into his body and rebuilding the damaged area and fixing up his clothes. Alex took a deep breath and stood up before smiling at what just happened. This was something that would give him the edge. Finny made his way down stairs when he looked at his other lackeys before shouting towards them.

"He's upstairs! Kill him, fuckin' kill HIM!!!" Finny screamed.

As Finny ran past the men, he turned back only to see Alex walking down the stairs without a scratch on him. He gasped and made his way outside to see what was done to the mobsters recently. The bent pole made him shiver while after looking up on the roof he just wanted to shit himself when he saw the other mobster.

"Who is this guy?" Finny asked himself.

Alex walked out to the center of the dance floor while mobsters began to take their positions. A majority of the crowd took off running while the men all set up around Alex. The first two took position by the railing with Tec-9 SMGs—a gun Alex had seen before. Right as they cocked their guns to fire, he pulled out his Dual Berettas and jutted them out to the two men before taking a shot. The very instant the muzzles of the two guns flashed, both mobsters felt the rounds enter the very front of their forehead. At once the back of their skulls exploded into a mist of brain and bone fragments before they fell on their backs. Up on the balcony over him more were waiting, but Alex didn't bother shooting them yet. The snake like ghosts began to circulate around him as multiple mobsters began to take position. Seeing all of the spirits made some of them nervous from all this at once, but this only delayed the barrage that would soon come.

The area around Alex lit up as random shots from all directions came towards him. As the bullets flew in, the ghosts around him began to fly in the path of them and this eventually stopped the shots from moving ahead. Alex lifted the two pistols once more as he did a 360 spin to face all the mobsters at once. Few were out of sight, but in the short spin he had fired enough shots that struck most of the men still shooting at him. The bullets continued to fly and strike multiple targets all over the club. Before the firefight ended, Alex heard his guns clicking while the chambers locked in place. He quickly entered the World of Shadows once more before using his speed to reload the clips with new rounds hidden in his pockets. The rest of the mobsters came out in the open to see their dead comrades before realizing they were empty. The ghosts quickly spread out before flying towards their targets across the club.

The first mobster was lifted up off the ground as a spirit entered through his chest and consumed his soul. The blood inside his body began to rush to his head, towards the surface of his skin, and even into his eyes which gave it a red look. All of the other mobsters were trying to find the exits while the ghostly apparitions quickly began to hunt the down. The next one in line was hit by a ghost directly in the arm and this in return caused his entire limb to fly off. He fell to his knees before the spirit made a few passes around him. Large chunks of flesh were torn off the mobster's body while blood continued to fly across the room. The next three were amongst the last, but the whole majority of apparitions consumed them before tearing them into pieces just like the one before them. As Alex put away his Berettas, he looked at the last of the men who was lifted up by the lone spirit. His body was red from where all the blood continued to rush out.

Instead of shooting him, Alex just got up and walked out the front door. Once the glass doors closed behind him, there was a loud pop before the entire inside of the club was painted over with blood. The rest of the spirits came back to their master to become one again. Alex watched as cars drove away from the club—amongst them had to have been Finny's, but right now he felt as if enough damage was done. Sirens from cars continued to roar through the city as they grew closer to the club. The night was still young, and there was the possibility that half the station was on the way here. Alex turned towards the nearest building before performing an inhuman leap to get onto it. A cluster of patrol cars came in down the road and towards the Blue Flamingo at high speed.

Half an hour later…

The EMT's came into the Blue Flamingo with their stretchers already out when the cops stopped. It was a really nasty mess from the looks.

"We don't need a stretcher in there, we need a mop!" the cop said as he came to them.

The whole scene was a grizzly one, and this day seemed nearly endless with all of the reported murders over the city. Detective Stony held his head as he saw the first few cops stepping out of the club drenched in blood. One of them arched over the side of the stairs before vomiting off them.

"Murder—everywhere I go today there's a big fucking murder!" Detective Stony screamed out before throwing his notepad to the ground.

Officer Miller was just a few feet away with his zoned out face glaring at the night club. As he stared at the blood, he could see a mist raising from it that was not visible by any other cop. It was a sign of Alex's passing, and from here he'd figured out that it was him. The mist left a trail that pointed in his direction. After getting a large gasp of air, Officer Miller stepped towards his squad car before slamming the door shut and lifting up his keys. Quickly enough he got the engine started before driving away to find his enemy.

Minutes later…

Alex had trekked off enough buildings before making a dash towards a train speeding over the city. After getting closer to it he leaped on top of it before landing in a kneeling position. The train sped through the night while the light of the half moon loomed down on the city below. The light from it seemed almost blinding from this point. Up ahead in the main cart, the conductor was enjoying his nightly coffee to make it through the next shift. As shadows constantly swooped past the cart, he continued to shield his eyes because of the light from the moon constantly shining on him. After the next shadow passed over, a new one began to form on the control panel before slowly looming towards his feet. He didn't really take much notice it until the shadow touched his shoe.

After it lay onto it, his shoe began to turn into black smoke as the shadow burnt through it. Once it got through, he leapt from his seat and fell backwards towards a small opening which broke his spine. Blood came up from his throat while the shadow continued to come towards him. It covered his entire body and caused all of the skin to practically melt off of his body. His screams filled the train while his body melted into a small pile of pulp. His bones pretty much kept together, but they leaned over before splitting apart. After striking the floor, a small red stream of liquid poured from his eye while the train continued to roll along unmanned. Alex was still on the train and some what curious to why it wasn't slowing down yet. The station was only a mile from where he was, and the train was going to have to stop some way or another. Officer Miller landed on top of the train behind him before lifting his head up. The skin on his face pulsated before going back to its original position. A black strap was around his torso which contained multiple grenades, and finally there was an M-79 Grenade Launcher on his back. Alex turned to him while his demonic instincts began to take over.

"You're not human." Alex said faintly as he looked ahead.

Of course he'd remembered Officer Miller from the past, but this time he looked at him and saw that it was no longer him on the inside. Officer Miller stepped forwards while Alex began to make his choice of either combating him or just running. His opponent grew closer, and it was no longer an innocent choice, he had to draw his guns and shoot. Whatever Officer Miller was planning, he wasn't ready to find out. The Dual Berettas shined in the moonlight as they moved through the air. Alex fired a shot from the one on his right that struck Officer Miller in the collar bone. Unaffected, he continued to step forwards where Alex continued to unload on him. Black liquid shot out of all the wounds, but the wounds only regenerated after being struck. Alex only loomed in closer before doing a quick spin to get under one of Officer Miller's punches.

After getting leveled out, he delivered one powerful spin kick that send his opponent soaring backwards. In the midst of the small flight, Alex drew the revolver and fired on single shot straight forwards. The bullet ripped its way through the slip stream created by Officer Miller's rather large body. It then struck his nose before sending bloody chunks flying out of both sides of his head. Officer Miller landed on the ground and slid a few feet back before looking up ahead. The bloody chunks on the ground began to float up into the air before flying back to the wounds and regenerating. Alex bent his head aside with a nod before Officer Miller did the same. He popped his neck and then lifted his right arm to Alex.

From here, his arm became one massive dark colored sword that stretched across towards him. Alex moved to the right and made it out of the blade's path while Officer Miller lifted his left arm. He fired a second blade that tore through the right side of Alex's torso—somewhat disemboweling him. Alex felt some of his guts slip out of from the wound, but he just continued to run on between the swords while his insides sucked back into his body. The wound regenerated as he lifted up the revolver to fire the last five shots towards his target. Officer Miller took each of the powerful rounds before having to retract his blades. Once Alex got in close, he put the revolver back into his trench coat and threw a few punches at his opponent. Officer Miller took in each attack before forming another sword out of his right hand and swinging forwards.

Alex ducked under his arm before coming up with a fist that struck Officer Miller in the ribs. After taking in the blow, he swung his right arm forwards and fired out another blade to hit Alex. With diligence, Alex moved out of the sword's path while the weapon slammed into the monorail. It struck the emergency brake cables and spread hydraulic fluid through the wiring. The liquid only continued through the system while the people inside screamed after seeing the blade sticking through the cart. As for the two half demons, they continued to swing at each other and make continuous blows. Alex took in a strike to the face that nearly made his head come right off his neck, but he still clenched his fist before coming forwards. Officer Miller took the blow straight to the chest and felt a little stunned. With this, Alex lifted the shotgun from inside the holster on his trench coat only to cock it once.

His opponent slapped the gun from his grip before pulling on the blade inside the cart. The sudden pull caused a spark and ignited all the hydraulic fluid. This burnt out all of the brakes before the opening in the cart let out a ball of fire. Alex felt shrapnel strike his back while the train jolted forwards. This knocked the two over as it approached the train stop up ahead. The fire from inside the wiring caused the train to speed up while Alex fought to get back up on his feet. He quickly jumped up into the air while the monorail went under the train stop. The structure had a concrete roof that loomed in close to the train. Officer Miller was just small enough to lie down as the monorail went under, but he still was determined to attack. After Alex landed on top of the train stop a blade shot out from under it and drug along it. To keep up with the monorail, he used his technique to run at high speed while the sword moved towards him.

He managed to run around it before seeing another one of Officer Miller's blades bust out of the train stop in front of him. It was moving at him from this point. In a move that was pulled off in a heartbeat, Alex flipped to his left and then jumped into the air to get over the next sword. The train rolled out from under the stop while Officer Miller retracted his blades. Alex landed beside him just when he got up. After seeing him land, Officer Miller fired another sword towards him that missed. Instead it sliced apart a piece of the monorail and sent burning cables flying out. He then retracted the cutting edge before running towards Alex as he was recovering from the shock of dodging. With this, he successfully delivered one punch to his face. Alex felt his head jerk back and then he had taken another strike to the face. The train hit a turn so quickly that his body was jerked off and sent flying over the edge. Officer Miller fired two swords out and kept locked into the train while his target flew away.

One of the burning cables from the train had spun towards Alex, so he grabbed onto it. The burning rubber let out a scream onto his skin as he grabbed on, but he clenched his teeth before trying to keep on. Officer Miller watched his target sway in the open air. With this he was faced with a solution to end the match—that solution was to use the M-79 on his back. Alex looked up and saw his opponent load up a shell into it. As soon as it was in, Officer Miller fired. The little grenade shot through the air and closer to Alex. Before it struck, Alex had tapped into his energy and swung around it before gaining the momentum to get back on top of the train. The shell flew on through the air before striking a building just a couple yards away. Officer Miller ignored his target and quickly opened up the weapon before ditching the empty case, grabbing another grenade, and then finally loading it up. With a rather load click, the grenade launcher was reloaded before being pointed up ahead.

Alex saw the barrel explode into a fire ball while the lone grenade came soaring at him. He tapped into his energy once more before leaping towards a building to his left. The grenade ripped open the train while Alex landed on the side of the building. With a sudden rush he began to run alongside it while Officer Miller loaded up the next grenade. As soon as he fired, Alex jumped back towards the train and landed inside. Part of the building behind him collapsed from the explosive damage, as for the people inside he could only hope they were not injured. The cart he landed in was loaded with people who hadn't been injured by the explosion, but they were still shaken up from the battle. Some were rather shocked when they saw him mainly because his name had been all over the news along with some police sketches.

"Oh wow, it's that Shadow Cop from the news." One of the passengers said amazed after looking at Alex.

The words kinda went through his head, but he was more confused by it. As the gossip started up amongst a few, one of Officer Miller's blades shot down from the roof above and nearly severed his arm. Alex let out a scream of pain while more blade continued to come down and lock him into place. Screams filled the cart while a few of the passengers watched in shock. They were criminals, and luckily they were armed at the moment.

"Hey, get off him!" one yelled out as he pulled his Ingram out.

"Let's cap this motha fucka." The second of the three criminals added as they all armed themselves.

Officer Miller prepared to fire one more blade down onto the cart, but a barrage of gunshots came up. Two sets of Ingram fire began to push him back while a few blasts from a shot gun knocked him back. Alex felt the blades leave his body, and this made him hack up some blood. Once the swords retracted back into Officer Miller's body, he got up from off the top of the train before looking up ahead towards the main cart. All at once his body turned into a shadow that loomed across the top of the train and towards the front. Alex got up before giving everybody the signal to hold on. He was aware that the train was a runaway, so it was going to be hard trying to get it to stop. Once the passengers braced themselves, he yanked the emergency brakes once to stop the massive iron vessel. There was nothing. Again, he yanked it and watched the emergency brake cables just roll out from the top. The wiring only spun around into a convenient little pile while the train continued to roll on.

"Holy shit…" Alex muttered as he remembered Officer Miller stabbing into the cords earlier. Then he thought again. "This train's about to derail."

"What?" one of the passengers replied quickly.

"I said this train is about to derail!" Alex yelled out.

"Oh shit! Tell me you're fucking joking." One of the criminals said in shock.

"This doesn't seem like a good time to joke. I need to get to the main cart right now."

"Do you have a gun?"

"Just this." Alex said as he held up the revolver.

"Fuck man, there's no way you can handle whatever that was back there with that little shit." Another criminal said as he held out his Ingram. "Take my gun. We were gonna rob a bank, but right now I think I'm gonna give up crime. Just get us out of this mess."

"What?" the first criminal asked.

"Just fork up your guns. I'm done with this." The second criminal spoke out.

The three stepped forwards. Alex took the two Ingrams before pushing the shotgun back to the last mobster.

"I don't need that. I'll be ok." Alex said once her spun around the Ingrams. "You two have any clips?"

"Yeah man," the first criminal said as he passed over six 45-shot clips to him. "It's all we have."

"You made a good choice. Everybody just stay down."

With that, Alex turned towards the front and made his way to the next cart. Once he got inside of it, Officer Miller landed in the main cart before pressing a switch to open up all over the doors between each of the carts. Along with that he aimed at Alex as he ran through the line of carts. The grenade launcher released a shot that flew down the carts. As it traveled, the train shook, and this caused debris to strike the grenade, destroying it instantly. Alex watched as the little explosive went off in front of him. Shards of metal from the inner casing flew into him and ripped open parts of his flesh on impact.

"You bastard." Alex grunted as he clenched his teeth.

Officer Miller loaded in another shell while Alex ran towards him with the two Ingrams. The train hit a turn and blocked his sights which made hitting his opponent impossible. After quickly thinking, he busted out one of the windows before firing at a street light hanging over the train. The grenade easily blasted out the base of the light before knocking it over onto the monorail while it rolled along. Alex had quickly reloaded the two Ingrams when he saw the street light crash through the window of the cart. All of the windows on the right side of the cart shattered while adjacent power lines flew through the inside. Quickly enough Alex had run past them, but by the time he reached the end of the cart, a line swung up and struck his back. It stuck on and slowly electrocuted him while the train straightened out.

The combination of trauma and electricity made Alex nearly motionless while Officer Miller aimed a grenade towards him. All of the wires had swayed around the cart before striking the doors. Luckily enough the cart door closed right as the next grenade was fired. Alex still was in confusion as all of the power went through him, but once the door exploded he was sent flying back while the wires were finally pulled out by reaching the end of the line. Charred, he lay on the floor of the cart while all of the spirits came out to revive him. In a daze, he suddenly realized that he was still alive form the near death experience. More importantly the train was still out of control and Officer Miller happened to be reloading his grenade launcher to fire another round towards him. He stood again with a smoky figure and barely any life to continue the fight. As life energy began to flow slowly into him, he took off running towards the main cart with guns blazing.

It wasn't going to be easy, but Officer Miller lifted his grenade launcher while a barrage of rounds flew into his body. Alex focused onto his inner energy and aimed directly at the barely of the grenade launcher as the next shot was fired. The shell flew out of the barrel but it was struck by multiple shots, thus causing it to change course and strike inside the main cart. A ball of fire ripped the front half open while Officer Miller managed to hold on. His flesh was blown off, leaving the black demon inside exposed. The moonlight made the demon freeze in place while Alex whipped out his revolver. He got into the main cart and fired the first shot that knocked his opponent back a few inches. The kick power was having great effect right now, so he continued to unload.

After the sixth and final shot was delivered, Officer Miller fell off the train and over the edge of the tracks where he struck the top of a car. Alex was happy to see that the train was slowing down, but the main brakes were now destroyed along with the controls. After staring down the end of the tracks, he could see the next stop, and past that was one large turn that was so tight it would derail the train if he didn't stop it. At the moment he was in one of the biggest rushes of his life, and he had no idea how he was going to stop this thing. He clenched his fists and began to yell out loud because he knew that if he didn't do anything all of these people were either going to be severely injured or die. And with the building near the end of the tracks, he was afraid of the possibility that there were people in it at this hour.

"Come on Alex, think!" Alex exclaimed as he began to hold his head.

After pondering, he looked back and ran towards the carts behind him before running to the junctions between them. He reloaded the clips on the Ingrams and unloaded onto the junction points between the carts. Shrapnel and wiring began to fly out as the bullets ripped them apart, but right now that alone wasn't helping. Scars began to form all over his body just before the bolt connecting the carts flew off. The main cart was separated, and this alone caused the train to slow down. It wasn't enough though.

"Fuck! I'm not losing these people! Fucking stop! I said FUCKING STOP!" Alex screamed out in fear as the spirits began to fly from his body.

The ghostly apparitions began to fuse in with the train before suddenly he heard the sound of metal grinding along the railing. All of the carts on the monorail clanked together and began to slow down the vessel rather quickly. The main cart flew on ahead before reaching the turn. It tipped over near the edge and then went sliding along the tracks. Sparks flew out from the railing which in return caused the night sky of Metro Square to be filled with the sounds of screaming metal. The cart went over the edge and struck a small pawn shop which ended up causing it to collapse instantly. As for the monorail, Alex continued focusing on his spirits while his life energy slowly began to die. The train was nearing the turn, but due to it slowing down just enough, the vessel continued to roll along the tracks safely until it would reach it end later on. Alex dropped to his knees where he soon braced himself with his arms. He struggled to breathe while the train continued on down the few miles of tracks. They were going to be ok.

Just miles back, Officer Miller had finally regenerated all of his flesh before sitting up in the wreckage. The car alarm was ringing in his ears while his head remained sort of beaten from the crash. He then stood to get a good look at the derailed cart down the road. Alex had gotten away from him this time, so he just stepped off the wreckage before walking down the street. The doors to the apartment in front of the car opened to reveal a rather angry man.

"Hey, Officer are you alright?" the man asked with a very worried tone.

Officer Miller didn't even say anything or even nod, he just walked. The man was a little ticked, so he ran towards him and lifted up his fist.

"You're fine I see, but you wreck my fuckin' car! Hey!" he yelled again to get his attention. "I'm talking to you! Dint fucking run away from me!"

Officer Miller quickly loaded in one more shell before turning around and firing directly at the car. The man was sent flying across the pavement while debris and fire rained all over the street around him. The car was now completely demolished, and this left the man disorientated while he managed to lift his head and stare back at his vehicle.

"Holy fucking shit."

"The Thing That Should Not Be"

Messenger of fear in sight,
dark deception kills the light.
Hybrid children watch the sea,
pray for father, roaming free.

Fearless wretch, insanity.
He watches, lurking beneath the sea.
Great old one, forbidden sight.
He searches, hunter of the shadows is
In madness, you dwell.

Crawling chaos underground,
cult has summoned, twisted sound.
Out from ruins once possesed,
fallen city, living death.

Fearless wretch, insanity.
He watches, lurking beneath the sea.
Timeless sleep has been upset.
He wakens, hunter of the shadows is
In madness, you dwell.

In madness, you dwell.

Not dead which eternal lie,
stranger eons, death may die.
Drain you of your sanity,
face the thing that should not be.

Fearless wretch, insanity.
He watches, lurking beneath the sea.
Great old one, forbidden sight.
He searches, hunter of the shadows is
In madness, you dwell.