I can't believe

I was really there

I saw the waters

And the land so fair

Seems like years

Since I climbed Masada

Looked out at the view

Breathed in what I saw

Me and thirty others

Prayed to the Lord at dawn

That everything we witnessed

Would never be gone

And now I'm back home

Another story I hear

Of bombings and shootings

And people living in fear

All I can think of

Is the prayers I said

While I was in Israel

The prayers I read

The prayers for happiness

And the end of war

The prayers for violence

To be no more

My prayer for Israel

Will be very special

It's a prayer for good

It's a prayer for survival

My prayer for Israel

Is to be;

No war, no hate

To live in harmony

I will plead and beg

And never quit or cease

Praying for Israel

For eternal peace