It hurts even though it's pixeleted

The attention you gave to me
The affection you gave to me
Was it all, a, show?

And now I'm watching as the clock ticks by
As the hours pass by and I've still got you
On, my, mind

I'm trying to forget about the things that were said
I apologized, over a thousand times, but still
I, can't, breath

My face has got to be as green as the grass
They say is on the other side, but what little good
Will some nonsense fairytale do, me, now.

If I can't wake up to catch the bus, I'm sorry
I was two seconds, two cents, too late
I was too late...

And if I can't wake from this sleep, I'm sorry
But it's because I was dreaming of you
Just dreaming of you...

I'll never forget the attention you gave me to me
The affection that you gave to me, it lingers
Like the scent of some perfume, you used to wear

I'm sorry...