Now I remember, for what foul reason, the honest truth
To as why this stake through my heart, bleeds so much

Every breath is a pain, every heartbeat a gasp, every gasp a whisper
That I'm slowly dying

Eroding and decaying I watch the dirt crumble, I see the ants moving
Before I burn them with fire

I'll watch from a distance, but I dare not get close, for an infectious disease
I cannot classify what you are

Addictive like a drug, but sweet like sugar, you act innocently
Yet you're so far from it

You talk so big and you act so tough, but when you're down and you're dirty
You're not hot stuff

I'll take this lesson and I'll listen to it in stride
Because it was the last one before my teacher died

A man of great knowledge, of sorrow and of hopes
He knew most things, but not how to fix

A broken heart, cause when it's broken it can't be fixed
Except from the person, who broke it in the first place