NOTE I wrote this as a response to a poem for English, by W.H. Auden, "Refugee Blues" well for some reason I cant put the link here so just type it in on Google and the first result will have it.

Relief will come

One day their will be a place

A place for all to go

Even you sir

Even you

You will go back to your home

To the place you feel you belong

There will soon be justice

Justice and freedom in this world

For all

The dream of going to a public place sir

And not being accused of false things

Is at hand my patient sir

The recognition of a equal

You shall receive

People will seek for you

Not soldiers

But friends and family

Sir you will not be judged in your ethnicity

But on your character of which you have plenty of

All the indifference

All the judgment

All the ill treatment

Will come to a end

You will be free sir