This is my first original story. I hope you enjoy it.


The essence of life.

We need it to live.

But there are those who not only need it, they crave it.

To them, blood is as sweet as honey.

And there is no blood sweeter than that of a human…


Leaning over the full stone basin, the young woman smirked as she stared down at the image shimmering on the surface of the water.

Chuckling maliciously she looked up at the man standing opposite her, his arms stretched out over the basin and his eyes squeezed shut in concentration. Letting out a held breath he opened his eyes and met her steely gaze, the image in the basin starting to waver as he refocused his attention.

"Is it time mistress?" he asked eagerly.

"Yes" she replied, her husky voice echoing around the huge room.

Glancing again at the image of a young man walking along a lonely road still wobbling on the waters surface her voice dropped to a low hiss, "yes, it's finally time."

The first chapter will be up soon but please tell me what you think of it so far.