I can feel her eyes gazing at the back of my head, piercing me as I make a considerable effort not to react, which would obviously serve only as to give this rude woman the pleasure she wishes for herself. I turn the corner in an attempt for her to become lost in the crowd that now surrounds me, but to no avail, the woman manages to maintain her pursuit of me. I am becoming distressed now, and I realize that I must begin to weigh my options against the consequences – and I do.

I turn the next corner, merging with the crowd that awaits the inevitable series of codes to signal to them that they may now cross the street to the opposite side. If they have the power to force electricity into a device with such power over our lives, they could be watching as well, I suppose.

Finally, she decides to break off her pursuit of me, crossing the street and entering a suspicious vegetable store. I must force this smile now forming on my face, however – I must be cautious as there has been no indication that she was the only individual tailing me. I noticed that the woman had soon been replaced, however, as I risked a brief glance to my rear, only to discover a man following close behind. I decide to raise my sunglasses close to my eyes and, making it appear as if I am cleaning them, use the mirrored frames to view what is occurring behind me.

Much to my dismay, the man was gaining quickly on my position, only a fifteen meters distance. I notice silently the bulge in his pocket. A weapon. This was it, the final incident. They had decided that it was my time. I am forced with a fateful decision. Shall I allow them to gain the information I possess, or shall I resist?

I am running now, receiving strange looks from the so-called civilians walking down the street, in their attempts to remain anonymous and innocent. I see through their lies, however, I know their true intentions and the effects that will ensue because of them.

Son of a bitch. A man is running after me now, all dressed and vetted out in navy blue. A service revolver at his waist, screaming instructions at me from half-way down the block. I must make it to the bridge, a place where he cannot follow. He is close, now, and I begin to realize that fate that I must inflict upon myself.

Utilizing every last ounce of my adrenaline, with blood surging from my heart to my extremities and my brain, I have achieved victory against those cunts running towards me.

Weighing my options and the consequences thereof, I throw my body off of the bridge, plummeting into the frozen ice below.