(A Way To Mean)

lazy lady
take your camisole and stitch it to me so I
don't feel horribly and dive
from this fire escape under me
I'd hate to be rendered by such unsweet sounds today
there's too much good hidden in your shoes for
a mid-air swim of such post-warmth collision
just lay your body under mine and we'll while away our sides
with missed cues and castanets
to mark out the beat of your fingertips down blank post-scripts
and I am not one for lovers
but I spent an entire night dreaming of your shoulders
these are risky thoughts
but I couldn't find a better way
so I'll march your street and keep you safe until I lay
with you in the quiet light behind my curtains
and like this days will come and we'll be vagabonds
traveling when our feet are on
and we will find it in the people until
our lies are so honest they're truth