A/N: Other Chapters will probably be longer. Yaaaay! My first romance story.


"Okay, I can do this. I can do it! Just walk in and give it my best," she assured herself.

Ring, Ring! Ugh, why now?

"Amber? Mmmm…ugh! This better be good," she warned her cell phone. "Yeah?"

"Busy?" Amber asked anxiously.

"Umm lets see…not really except that I'm supposed to walk through this door in front of me for an interview! But hey that's not a big deal," she said sarcastically.

"Uhh…Sorry, but can you do me a favour once it's done? Please?" Hearing nothing Amber assumed Camellia would agree. "I have this like enormous craving for chocolate so once you're on your way back here can you grab some? Preferably Caramel."

"I'll try, but if you don't like it, I don't care," Camellia said. "I need to go in now, so I'll talk to you when I get home. Thanks. Bye."

This was it. She knocked the door. Suddenly, the door opened and she saw a hand at the door with a black jacket. He was tall. With jade green eyes, and had rich, dark brown hair. Looking at his face, Camellia realized he was raising his eyes brows in question.

"I'm Camellia Blonde--I meant Browne!" She said. God she felt stupid! Blonde? What was she thinking?

The man in front of her found her rather amusing, and said, "Right. I'm Patrick. Patrick O'Rourke."

They briefly shook hands, and he invited her in.

"This…is my resume," she stated handing him a black folder.

"Right. Thank you. Take a seat," he offered.

"Thank you. I uhh…" she trailed off looking at him. Gosh he had a gorgeous face. Long, brown, thick, rich hair that looked so soft. It gave great shape to his face. Oh and he looked so dashing with that suit.

Oh my God, she thought, he's looking at me! She smiled at him.

"Did you say something?" He asked.

Camellia chuckled, "Yes, you have a nice office."

"Thank you," he said, and then put down her folder. "So, your last reference looks impressive. What happened? Why did you quit?"

"I did not like my co-worker. I mean not that I'm bad with people, I just didn't like him. I mean…I get along with people well. I really do," she fumbled. "However, this person touched me inappropriately. I ignored him, but his moves became bolder so I decided I was going to stop working there. I tried to tell my boss, but she thought that he would never do anything like this and that maybe I misunderstood. When I said I was sure of what he did and I didn't like it, she called him in her office. He bluntly disagreed with everything I said, and told me to lighten up." Camellia explained.

"Well," Patrick began, "I'm glad to hear you're honest. Now, do you understand what this job means?"

"Yes," Camellia said proudly.

"I do not like my employees late at all. If you get the job you must remember that. I need people to be punctual. As my assistant you will be required to be flexible with what it is you do."

"I understand," Camellia stated.

The interview process continued another 10 minutes and then Camellia stood.

"Thank you for taking you're time to interview me," she said.

"Don't mention it. I will call you within a day or two to let you know if you got the job, all right?" He said.

"Yes, sure," she said. And then stepped forward to shake hands. But suddenly, Camellia tripped over the end of the rug and fell forward.

Patrick was taken down with her, and Camellia ended up on top of him with her body pressed to his. Oh crap! What the hell just happened? Why was she such an idiot?

"Oh my God…I'm really sorry. I didn't meant to---I'm very sorry. I uhhh…I'm sorry." She said getting up.

"It's uhh…It's ok. Are you all right?" He asked.

"I should be asking you that. I feel like a klutz. Sorry."

Patrick laughed now, "Don't worry about it. I'm still in one piece. I'll call you and let you know Ms. Browne."

"Thank you," she fumbled, "Have a nice day." And with that she walked out, closing the door behind her.

"I will," he chuckled. She was definitely different. Something about her.

Remembering her fall, he thought her body fitted so well with his own. She had soft skin.

She had good experience, was confident, good worker. He decided then and there to hire her.

She was the last interview of the day. Three others were interviewed before she was. There were two men, but they were not that experienced. The third person, a lady, was a good choice, except she flirted with him and tried to touch his crotch. He was not hiring her! Well… he thought, guess Camellia has the job.

Patrick walked over and then hit button number two for speed dial.

"Yes, clean out the cubicle opposite my office. A, Ms. Camellia Browne will be occupying it, as my assistant. Thank You."

"Someone should straighten that rug out," he thought, remembering Camellia's fall.