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Chapter IV


"Uh…Yeah I do," Camellia said.

"I gotta' tell 'ya, that's real surprising. I mean who would've thought right? West high school's Cam working at O'Rourke enterprises? You've got to be kidding me," Trey said.

What was he implying? Thought Camellia. "What do mean?" Camellia said narrowing her eyebrows.

"Well, I mean it's you! Back at West, people thought you would be some person running a beauty parlour or something, you know," Trey answered.

"What! Look Trey--" Camellia started as she was cut off.

"Camellia, we're beginning," interrupted Patrick.

"Good morning everyone. I'm glad to see everyone is here today, unlike last meeting. However though, today I would like to begin our meeting by introducing one of your new colleagues," started Patrick. "Ms. Camellia Browne will be my new assistant and will be working at O'Rourke Enterprises. You all are aware of the rules. Reports, complaints, comments, whatever it is, first goes through her, then she takes it to me. Just like it was with my last assistant Tracy"

Patrick sent Camellia a look that said 'Stand up and introduce yourself'. "Hi, everyone. Um…Like Mr. O'Rourke said I'm his new assistant, and hopefully it'll be fun working for him, and with you all and the others I have yet to meet," Camellia stated.

Wow, that wasn't so bad. Except for the fact that I've got my ex-boyfriend from high school sitting right next to me! Gee, thanks fate, you really fucked it up this time. Or maybe you just think it's funny. HA HA to you too! Camellia thought to herself.

Suddenly, Camellia's attention came back to the meeting. She realized Patrick was speaking now.

"We'll have Denis give us more insight into the designs of out new products, soon to be released in the hair-care department," Patrick announced. "Denis."

"Well, I'd like to begin to say that my team in the designs department of O'Rourke Enterprises, has been working very hard, and here are some of the designs, on paper that we have produced. I'll pass them around so everyone can have a look and while that is happening, if you all could just turn your attention over to the projector screen, I've put together a power point presentation in which our progress is elaborated," Denis said, as he started to connect the multiple wires to get the power point presentation started.

While Denis, fidgeted with the wires a little longer. Camellia's attention turned to Trey. Trey gestured for Camellia to hand him her pen. Seeing Camellia confused, he smoothly removed it from her grip.

Then on her clipboard he wrote her a small message saying:

Hey, what do you say we
catch up on old times over
dinner? Let me know.

Oh my GOD!!! What do I do? Should I do? Wait a minute! He dumped me! I should straight out say no. That's it! And I'm 'gonna say it to his face. Who the hell does he think he is?

As Camellia was just turning her attention to Trey and about to speak, Patrick nudged her and said: "I just remembered that there's another meeting we have to attend right after this one. Sorry about not informing you earlier, but we had to prepare for this one. The next meeting's in another city. So we're heading for San Diego for the meeting in about 1.5 to 2 hours."

"All right, but…"

"Ask me after the meeting," Patrick interrupted.

When her attention was back to the meeting she saw that Denis' power point presentation was already started.

"I'll pick you up at eight tonight, okay? I know you're shy to speak. That's what I loved about you before," Trey said in her ear.

"HUH?" Camellia managed. And then suddenly she received a look from Patrick that had the words SHUT UP written all over it.

This is just great! My boss probably thinks he hired some weirdo now that can't shut up. And Trey just practically made dinner planned with barely consulting me. Ugh! What did I do to deserve this?!

After the meeting was over, in which Camellia was listening intently to win back her somewhat-lost respect from her boss, Denis was clearing things up form his power point presentation and Patrick began to walk towards him.

"You did an excellent job today, Denis. I just hope your product is as great as your presentation was," Patrick said.

"No doubt about it Patrick," Denis said.

"Camellia," Patrick gestured.

Camellia looked back at Trey and he was sheepishly smiling. I don't like this, dinner with TREY? You 'gotta be kidding me. Camellia thought to herself

Assuming Camellia went and sat at her desk. And within the next ten minutes, her phone rang.

"Hi, you've reached O'Rourke Enterprises, how may I help you?" Camellia asked.

"By coming into my office," Patrick's voice announced.

"Oh sir! I didn't know it was…"

"Come in I want to talk to you.," Patrick said.

"Alright," Camellia said, hanging up.

She got up and walked to Patrick's office, and then knocked at his door.

"Come in Camellia." Patrick said. "Okay, we've got half an hour before we have to depart for our next meeting. The actual meeting's not until 2:00PM, but it'll take us a couple hours by drive to get there."

"Okay," Camellia said.

"Grab whatever you need before we leave. Your purse, bag, laptop. And whatever else. I'll show you a few things about our archives at O'Rourke, on the way," Patrick finished.

"All right, sure thing." Camellia said.

"Before you leave out, get me a coffee from the lounge on the second floor. And on your way I need you to go to room…" Patrick paused as he started searching. "To suite number 702, and ask Trey Smith for the consumer's report he said he had done on our new brand of brassieres," Patrick finished.

"Umm…sure. I'll go now," Camellia said. "I'll come back with your coffee."


So this is the lounge? Wow, everyone's just…lounging. Camellia thought to herself.

"Crap, the coffee's gone," Camellia murmured.

"Oh don't worry we'll just make more," A woman said. "I'm not sure if you remember me, but I'm from the meeting we had this morning. My name's Christine, but you can call me Christy if you want. I work with the marketing division."

"Oh, that's good. Nice to meet you, I'm Camellia," Camellia said.

"That's a cute name, I'm 'gonna call you Cam though. You okay with that?" Christine asked.

"Yeah, that's actually a nick name a lot of my friends use, so no big deal," Camellia said.

"Cool. So are you taking a break right now? Or did Patrick send you on a mission for something?" Christine asked.

"I'm supposed to get him some coffee and then get this consumer's report from Trey Smith," Camellia said.

"Oh my God! Trey? Stay away from him, okay?" Christine said. "He's probably 'gonna hit on you. I mean you're good looking and all. Don't tell anyone I told you this, but he used to have an affair with Trisha, Patrick's old secretary. Like whenever Patrick didn't need Trisha to do any work, or whatever she would go to his office and they would just have sex like anything. And if someone asked her about it, she bitched at them and gave them hell, and started saying some bull shit about people giving her a bad reputation with these rumours."

"Oh wow," Camellia said. "I don't know what to do anymore"

"What do you mean?" Christine asked.

"Well you see, I used to date Trey back in high school, and it's been really weird ever since I've started working here, because Trey's been giving me signals that he wants to hook up again. And I don't want to, because he's the one who dumped me in highshool. And I don't want to be with him again," Camellia finished.

"Then just tell him woman. Tell him you don't wanna' see him. Simple as that," Christine said.

"It's not that simple anymore. In the meeting he told me he wanted to take me out to dinner and he told me he'd pick me up at eight. And I couldn't say anything because there was a meeting happening and Mr. O'Rourke found out that I was talking. And he kinda' gave me that 'Don't Talk Anymore' look." Camellia said.

"Well, then just kinda' stand him up. He doesn't know your address so he can't show up at your doorstep. And if he asks, just say you never agreed," Christine stated.

"Wow, you're right," Camellia chuckled. "I can't believe I just told you all that, but I mean I feel like this is just a lot of pressure you know."

"Hey, don't worry about it. I'm always here for advise, when you need me." Christine said. "I'm in suite number 805, by the way, you?"

"Oh…umm I kind of don't really have one. I'm his assistant right so, it's kinda like a cubicle for me, right in front of Mr. O'Rourke's office," Camellia said.

"Yeah, but it's pretty roomy. Patrick's pretty good looking though, don't you think?" Christine asked.

"Umm…Yeah…kind of," Camellia managed.

"Oh come on! Don't tell me you don't think he looks sexy? You see him all day and if you haven't thought about that then there is seriously some psychological issues with you," Christine said laughing. "But I saw the way he was looking at you in the meeting once. He's taken a liking to you I think."

"Why would he like me non-professionally?" Camellia asked.

"You tell me that," Christine said.