Doggerel: A Nauseatingly Plain Poem

Doggerel is not a dog

You won't find doggerel on a log

Doggerel is not something you do

Doggerel is not my friend, Sue

Doggerel's not a brand of shoe

Doggerel's not for me and you

Well, I guess it could be

But that would make this poem bad – hee hee

Jell-O is my favorite jelly-like substance

Would you happen to have any, perchance?

Doggerel is many things

Doggerel is the sport of kings

Doggerel might deal with love

Doggerel is something that I love

Doggerel is like a tree of wood

Because a tree like that is somehow not good

For my friends and I, it's all the rage

Blah blah blah la la blah cage

Spell check only put red squigglies

Under two blahs, one la, and both hees

In the darkness of the knight

I hope that I done shed some light

Since this poem's not too swell,

It qualifies as doggerel