When I saw you

Draped over the sink

I thought you died

But you had only blanked out

My dad yelled at me

To get the phone

He called 911

And asked for help

I think I was crying

I don't really remember

As you started to wake up

As ask what had happened

A police car

A firetruck

A ambulance

Came to the house

I watched from the corner

As they checked you out

They said everything was normal

But you had to go to the hospital

They needed to make sure

Make sure everything was okay

For sure

To see why it happened

My dad and you

Went to the hospital

I was so scared

I felt so alone

I needed to talk

To someone


So I woke my friend up

Who was already asleep

And cried to her

And talked to her

She was amazing

But still,

She had to go soon

No matter what

A little later

My dad called

To say

You were alright

The doctors still didn't know

Why it had happened

After I got off

The phone

I waited

Waited for news

But I fell asleep

In the morning

I was told

You were alright

The doctors said

You had a seizer

But they still didn't know


Even if you're better

What if it happens again?

I'm so scared

So scared for you

Will you be alright?


Will you be okay?

Get better soon