What is death?
Our bodies decay,
The soul survives.

The soul immortal
A new home it needs.
Oh where does it go?

A home with God,
Made for those
He has claimed.

What of the rest?
Where do they go?
Not to the Lord.

Away from the Lord,
Suffering is theirs.
They did not trust.

Repentance is needed
For rescue by God,
For life with God.

Only with God
Can there be rest.
Rest for the saved.

By His life and death,
By His resurrection,
I am saved.

Death holds no fear,
Not for me.
Jesus has conquered.

For me no sting
Does death hold.
For God gives life.

Others are stung
By death and sin,
Until they turn.

Repent my friend,
For God has life
To make death naught.

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