Love and Wrath,
They seem conflicted,
Opposites on the spectrum.
Yet the Almighty One
Embodies them both.

God is Love,
Love is defined by Him.
More than being Love,
He gives me His Love,
For He saved me.

On the other hand
I look and see
God's Wrath,
His Judgment
On this fallen world.

Man has sinned,
Man has rebelled.
God will not, cannot
Ignore our evil.
Judgment Day will come.

Yet all is not lost,
For grace is extended,
Mercy for our souls.
No longer must sin
Bind us, enslave us so.

For us He died,
God on high.
My life He claimed
Worth the Love,
Worth the pain.

I bear not His Wrath.
The Son took it all,
And paid the price
For the debt I owed.
He claimed my sin-sick soul.

His Wrath is still there
For those who run.
They do not repent,
They do not turn.
Turn to His Love and grace.

He Loves me still,
His Love is pure,
But Wrath is still there.
Such opposites in One,
Wrath and Love.

Author's note: The idea came from Exodus 34:6-7.