With eyes like stars

And a smile that shoots

Diamonds into the dark,

She's a stunner.

Moves like Paris, elegant and international

and speaks like a million doves

incoherent and beautiful.


He could…

love you like the ocean, ebb and flow

sing like the wind;

But he burns through the cornfields –

Fire and lighting,

Roaring like thunder

Because he's alone.


She whispers to walls and lives on the edge of the window,

Dancing in storms and you can't get enough of her cruelty

Because its like butterfly kisses,

She's amazing

In your eyes.


Breaths in the sunset and flies

For the dawn,

he's not as bad as they say.

With feathers like a Technicolor palette

And a heart without fears,

It's not hard to believe that

Blessings come wrapped in tears.