Pouring Away

You sipped your coffee, steam rising
each time you set it down, playful glances
swapped at each sip, you would smile
into your cup, looking at my drink 'What?'
I would say, I don't like coffee
you know that!

The conversation would still, both equally as
nervous, both equally as scared,
understanding why? But not knowing When? Or Where?
He would stare, for a sign. Was she ok?
What was she thinking? Would she break?
He didn't know…he just knew.

Her eyes darted from one side of the room to the other
people talking, laughing, the waiters doing
what they did best, waiting! She stole a glance
knowing he could see but not caring, she wanted something
for keeps 'Forever in a day'
She would say.

You picked up a spoon, gesturing with your hands
as you talked, waving it frantically, you always did
that, each word animated by your touch, stirring away.
Eventually you set down the spoon, I smiled.
You got up 'Sugar' you whispered.
'Yes' I replied.

He walked away, her eyes followed, knowingly.
Sugar? Maybe to sweeten there conversation,
smiling he came back, shaking the packet between
his fingers, she watched him, studying his subtle movements,
the way he gently ripped the packet,
pouring away the sweet.

He noticed her, but didn't look up, just noticed,
wanting to see what she thought, Maybe? Or not?
Really he just wanted to watch her watching.
He smiled to himself, whilst opening more sugar,
he slowly looked up and saw her.
The sweet taste.

You raised your cup, blowing at the hot liquid,
gently sipping the black, I saw you taste, you smiled.
Sweet? I knew it when you looked at me, you
knew, I didn't have to say a word.
I got up, you stared.
I walked away.

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