Our little game

Will she finally get her revenge on me…I doubt…I grin as she writhes in pleasure…The pleasure I give to her. Skills is what I have, modesty is completely spent. Mmm the way she moans is like the most beautiful song to my ears. Her skin; So soft underneath my rough hands. She tries to slip away, I follow her. I casually wrap my arm around her, a diversion from what I'm about to do. She gasps, I found her spot. I grin again fro what seems like the hundredth time.

She looks away; my ego grows larger along with something else. I say something sarcastic and she laughs, I push her up against the wall as she avoids my heated stare. Doesn't she know how much I want her? She does. She always will. My hand slips down her body touching the brim of her jeans; she shudders a little but brushes it off like I don't notice. I notice everything, when she is mad, when she is sad or upset, when she wants me; and Oh when she wants me I can tell.

Her eyes haze over and her skin grows warmer than usually, I feel her heartbeat in my ears. She pushes against me, I push her back. Not yet I whisper, I wanna make her work for it. I'm not mean; I just love to give her pleasure. I mean if I got nothing I'd still be a happy man, just content with making her gasp and moan. They leave me pretty pictures that I save for later. When I'm all alone and start thinking of her, Cold showers they say. chuckle not even that can calm me down.

I feel my temperature rise, she is still against the wall practical begging for me, she might not admit it but she loves this. I grind against her; she pushes her hips into me. Lovely, how her nails cut into me, sliding down my skin leaving a trail of blood behind its wake. Call me a sadomasochist but I'll just agree. I wander again leaving only my hands to do the thinking.

I think of the way she could handcuff me and make me beg, I wait for that day. I wanna submit to her; let her know that she is my equal. To let her know that….I trust her with my life. She bites my ear which brings me back to her; I give a dark smile and attack her neck. She bends backward allowing me to taste her skin. Sweet and warm, warmth caused by me. We start our dance, both fighting to get what we want, while still trying to please the other. We move to the floor, one of these days we'll break something.

We're left breathless, Shit. I look at her and we laugh, God Damn. That's all I can say some times, other times I don't say anything and go for another round but today, I wanna save our little game for later.