He's back

He's backThe shadows are reemerging
Darkness surrounds us, blocking our every movement
Slowly bruises start to appear on our bodies
Million of thoughts are going through my head
What is happening?
I only wish that you would stay away
In a land, where the day will never dawn
Secluded away from me
You always enjoyed inflicting pain upon our faces
Such a brutality joy, a harassing hobby
If only the feelings of courage would rise up upon my chest
To find the will to fight back
But such occurrence will never happen it is so unlikely
At the sight of you, I slowly start to tremble
A quivering fear awakens in my heart
I truly wish that even the blood of my kin, wouldn't side with you
But it seems though she is my creator
The kindness is all just fake, it is slowly starting to wither away
For everything we, who is a part of her blood do is wrong
And the so-called teaching brought from our half-blood is what is always truly
For he is "teaching" us
By putting harsh bearings upon us
For he is once again back in our lives