Telemachus and Odysseus Reunite


(Telemachus slowly and tiredly enters the small tent of the swineherd. He sees the beggar and servant sitting before him at a table.)


Telemachus (as he enters): Who is that I see beside the swineherd yonder?

Sitting there, does he ponder?

About the lives of mortal men,

The differences of life now and then.

I must ask him how my mother does fair,

For I have left her in horrible men's care.


Odysseus (rising): Who are you? You look like a prince!

Pray tell, for I have been gone twenty years since.

How does fair the beautiful Penelope?

Again, pray tell, how is she?


Telemachus: Indeed, I am a prince. My father is the king.

But for the second question, I can not tell you a thing.

Ah, good fellow, I was going to ask you

For I have been gone some years too.


Odysseus: Is your father indeed the ruler?

Do not mock me, don't be a ridiculer.


Telemachus: Why would I not tell the truth? Why would I lie?

Perhaps, I wouldn't tell you I was a prince, for I would rather die.

I feel so ashamed for I cannot find my father.

And can not rescue my mother from her bother.


Odysseus: Her bother? If I may ask, what is wrong?

For, as I said, I have not been here for so long.


Telemachus: Many suitors rage her and hurt her.

Trying to make her to marry one of them, I am sure.

I must find my father, don't you see?

So those lazy suitors will leave her be.


Odysseus: Well, my son, look no further, look no more.

For here I am; come from many terrors and much gore.

My son, I cannot believe what I see!

You and I, you beside me.

Telemachus, we must go rescue my wife.

Rescue your mother, take those suitors life.

For from what I've heard they have caused much terror

Spend my money, and made many, many an error.


Telemachus: My father! Is it really you?

Dressed like that, I had a no clue!


Odysseus: The goddesses Athena, she has guided me well,

To dress like a beggar, to me she did tell.

I suppose it was to arise no suspicion,

To make between me and the suitors no competition.


Telemachus: Of course my father. That is rather logical.

To create this beggar and play it's role.

Now, father, no more talking!

We must go to the palace, to see the most shocking,

Display of men kind waiting for my mother to choose,

One of them, so your riches they may use.


Odysseus: Yes, my son let us go!

To the suitors, no mercy we shall show.


Telemachus: Agreed dear father! Agreed!

We shall give my mother the freedom she need.


(Both walk off to the palace to rescue Penelope from the suitors.)