Behind my Blue eyes

There, I see you.

Opening your locker in the cutest way.

I have to wonder, "do you see me too?"

Or do you just see what's in front of my blue eyes.

Behind my blue eyes.

Cause if you don't see more than that,

Then just get a clue.

I will have no interest in...

A man like you.

Behind my blue eyes.

For I will have no interest in...

A man who just likes a girls outer beauty.

Because I'm a girl who has something more inside.

Behind my blue eyes.

Yes, something more inside


Behind my blue eyes,


There is me.

Behind my Blue eyes.

A/N: Okay, kinda short, and my first poem. I think it kinda stunk, but I'm counting on the readers to let me know that. Tell me what you think about it! Thanx!

God bless!