This is an essay i had to do for my english class last week. Im really proud on how it came out since i suck at writhing essays.

This essay is about two religions, Islam and Christianity, about their beliefs. Also about their development and how they came to be. Who were there prophets? Where did they came from? They are two major religions in the world. They believe in one god and each has its own book; the Koran for Islam and the Bible for Christianity. They are two different religions yet they are alike.

The start of Islam derived from Christianity, history books indicates that one night in the year 610, the first of many revelations came to Muhammad from god by the way of the angel Gabriel(In Christianity this is the same angel which brings the news of Jesus birth, Jesus is the founder of Christianity). The massage Muhammad received told him that there was only one god, not many gods, like most Arabs believed.

The word Islam means "surrender" or "submission," submission to god or Allah. The life of each Muslim is always within the community of the faithful. Within the community, Muslims are expected to establish social and economic justice. They are also expected to carry their message to the rest of the world. In the early Islamic community, this meant the use of force in the form of jihad, or holy war. This also happened on Christianity, it was known as "crusades," where missionaries would go and spread the word of god. The intent was not to force conversion on anyone; this was forbidden by the Koran and the Bible. The object of jihad and the crusades was to gain political control over societies and run them in accordance with the principles of Islam and Christianity.

The revelations that Muhammad received were collected onto a book, the Koran, directing his followers what to believe and how to live, the Bible is a collection of writings from prophets. Islam recognizes two forms of prayer. One is the personal, devotional, and spontaneous type, not bound by any rituals or formulas. The other ritual, often congregational prayer, has specific words and postures, to be offered five times a day; at sunrise, midday, midafternoon, sunset, and before going to bed. Similar to Christianity, which requires you to prayer individually, but also collectively. Another similar attribute both religions share is the giving of money. In Islam, the zakat is an obligatory tax, a contribution made by the Muslims to the state or the community. In Christianity this is known as tithe. Believers are to contribute 10 of their salary to god.

As you can see, Christianity and Islam are woven from similar fabrics. They have similar beliefs and origins. In recent years people see Islam as an "evil' religion, because of the fanatics, but they must also look at Christianity fanatics who kill, and bomb in the name of god. Thus all the religions in the world have its faults and pluses, but in short they are all intertwined.